Biography Ilona Lunden: success around

This article deals with a young woman named Ilona Lunden, biography which captures the spirit and could be the basis for the script of the popular movie.Ilona Lunden - creator of the famous brand of natural means of hair care LUNDENILONA.Brenda is already more than a year, and it has established itself as very effective.

Biography Ilona Lunden interesting and exciting, full of diverse events.There is a lot of opinions on this enterprising young business woman, but one can note with certainty: the famous Lunden can even the negative event to use to your advantage.With fifteen years Ilona fascinated jam potions and balms for the hair.Fortunately, that her grandfather was a herbalist, and my mother - a physician.These are the basic knowledge and practice first developed an interest, and then helped Ilona with nineteen years to earn.Ilona herself found his calling in the art of hairdressing and worked literally wear brilliantly transforming its customers and encouraging them to effective remedies for hair

.First there were private commissions, and she was forced to do everything by yourself, the whole production cycle from development to sales formula.

his business - its element

Next Biography Ilona Lunden takes even steeper turn: in the production and development of the brand invested almost all his savings.Ilona, ​​they say, has gone "all-in", and risked ....It is not lost.Series of products for hair LUNDENILONA gaining popularity, primarily because of its healing effect other than reducing functions.In addition, Ilona does not invest a lot of money in the packaging and advertising, and profits directs the development of new formulas, product lines, and their improvement.Recommendations consumers, the so-called "word of mouth" - the most reliable advertising.

Another feature brand LUNDENILONA is that the number of products depends on the yield of herbs.Lunden itself is not yet the owner of the plantation, where grew all the necessary ingredients for its products.But it's just a matter of time, if it is, the company will develop such a rapid pace.

Ilona Lunden a lot of time to work and, as she herself admits, does not get tired, because it does what he likes.And it is difficult to argue.

Love helps in

Biography Ilona Lunden was not fully described, if even just a little bit not to talk about her personal life.Here, her fate has developed successfully.Ilona Lunden got married and had a child.She has a wonderful family: her husband and son.Successful people - successful in everything.Credo Ilona is better to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, than to be a vegetable in the garden.Indeed, only a dynamic living an active life, you can catch a lot, and Ilona Lunden biography that good example.

Having succeeded in a relatively young age, Ilona is a simple and sincere girl, she continues to believe in miracles.So we wish her a very happy and successful, and its business - prosperity and development!