Makeup for blue dress.

How many shades of blue, you know?And what's right for you?Will there be enough courage to wear a dress color that seems to be totally yours?Blue dress blue dress alike.The stereotype that blue and shades (dark or light) - the privilege of fair-haired ladies, long ago outlived its usefulness.Absolutely any can afford to put on a dress in the colors.Makeup for blue dress must be chosen not by the dress itself, and under its own type.Although the game is on the shades, too, has a place to be.


Ironically, make-up under blue dress looks spectacular, if you apply contrast.So, dress can be deep and rich in color and make-up - light and delicate.Why do it?To draw attention to the dress.This is a bright accent in the ensemble, and make-up - a pleasant and inconspicuous addition.What exactly should not do it, it's vulgar to paint eyes blue.Especially if you do not go.No!Let it be gray, with dimming and shading makeup under a blue dress.Shadow or pencil?Only at your option.If you decide to shadows

, then they can be set off the lower eyelid.

blue dress pale shade asking for a juicy and bold makeup.If you find this acceptable, the lips can be painted matte red lipstick.Do not gloss and pearl iridescence.If you are bright lips seem to be vulgar, it will focus on the eye.Arrows or black eyeliner pencil, bright shade - to your taste and color.What better to do?Use the blue shadows.It is not always appropriate and not everyone is.

in color

Still makeup under a blue dress in the same colors relevant.It is important to choose a situation where it is appropriate.For example, at a party.There is usually no strict rules on the make-AAP.To not look tasteless, you need to properly make up eye.Let this be a hint of color.This can be achieved if, in addition to the blue shadows, apply also black, gray or white mother of pearl.The transition between the colors should be soft, not sharp contrast.Eye makeup under a blue dress, "cries" of the need to not only haze, and clear lines.It can only be tinted eyelid (up to you, what kind of - low or high).

person - foundation makeup

Blue - the color that has the ability to show the shortcomings of the skin.We need not only to align the tone of the face, but also to mask all the small flaws.This is especially true for those who are dark circles under the eyes.Makeup for blue dress should not emphasize them.Using masking pencil not only helps remove shadows under the eyes, but also give a person the freshness and naturalness.

makeup under a blue dress, a photo of which is higher executed perfectly.Here we have everything: skin type, eye and hair color, facial structure.And that is what the photo shows that the dark-haired and dark-skinned ladies may very well wear blue, not worse or light-brown hair blonde beauties.The variety of colors allows any girl to choose the tone that is perfect for her.Through trial and error, you can achieve perfection.Blue is appropriate in all situations, the main thing - the right to choose his.