Make a turquoise dress.

How delightful look stars and models at shows in turquoise dresses and with the right make-apom.And how to be a mere mortal?How to estimate the this image?Make a turquoise dress can be done easily.Regulation no special.And those that exist, it is narushaemy.

bright image

Make a turquoise dress can be bold and bright.It is suitable for those who do not fear to attract glances.How to choose an extravagant way?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the shade of the dress.Make a turquoise dress chosen by a certain tone and semitone.Choose shadow or eyeliner the same color as the dress.To make-up does not look vulgar, it is necessary to know the measure to apply.If this eyeliner, you need only a thin line on the upper eyelid.It may be matte or pearl, glitter and without.It all depends on the situation, which requires a bright image.

Second, the emphasis in the make-up still needs to be on one thing.If the eyes are bright, the lips do not have much to stand out.Suitable soft matte lipstick, with

out overflow.Also it goes well with bright eye make-up lip gloss a la naturel.You can draw a little pencil.

Third, bright make-up under the turquoise dress can be with an emphasis on the lips.Red lipstick can be, but only if it really suits you.But this is not all types of mouth.Narrow, but a big mouth does not tolerate such a bright color.

Fourth, there is no need to focus on all at once.Choose only what you want to emphasize.Bright lips and heavily made-up eyes - a make-up under the turquoise dress is unacceptable.

Unity with nature

For those who believe that the make-up to match together - and vulgarity of it, there is a solution.The absolute opposite - natural and naturalness.No, just abandon the cosmetics is not necessary. Make a turquoise dress does not just tolerate, and calls for naturalness.The color of the dress refers to the natural colors that symbolize this same nature.Suffice it to bring a little bit eye as you approach, apply a small coat of mascara on upper lashes and lip tint.This will help you to remain natural, stylish.This make-up is suitable for any occasion, be it a holiday or weekday.Make a turquoise dress does not require a bright eyes.You can touch up pencil upper or lower eyelid, without hands.On the lips cause "wet" shine.

stylish solution

makeup the color of the dress does not always require strict color combinations.So, well suited to the turquoise silver, gold, pearl.Everything in moderation, stylish and tasteful.Eyes can tint silver eyeliner or pencil can also be applied and pearl shade on the inner corner of the eye.Outside is a little obscure.On the lashes - ink, but at their tips can be applied to silver shade.The look becomes more obscure and mysterious.

Make a turquoise dress, photo number 1, is too rich.Emphasis is placed on the eyes and lips.It's bold, but it is his owner.That means one thing - to experiment, try, pick the best option for themselves.