Make a red dress.

red as black or white, has long been a universal color.It is suitable for almost every girl, while requiring proper clearance.With a wardrobe red dress, always need to know what will make him relevant.Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to present himself in such attire.Make a red dress has its own rules that require strict compliance.


Perhaps the most difficult - is the choice of lipstick.There are many shades, tones and semitones, such as to find one that will suit your outfit, insanely difficult.There are some rules.Make a red dress does not tolerate shade of pink lipstick, pearl and sequins.They say a categorical "no."Lipstick must be matte.Hue - matching dress or saturated.Brighter is not necessary.Still looks will attract outfit rather than lipstick.But it is worth remembering that red lipstick is not for everyone.If you are the owner plump lips, then prefer the coral splendor.Red lipstick will make your mouth disproportionately large.But the owners of the lips thinned rich color give

a swelling that will benefit in the image.Make a red dress can not tolerate the dark or brown lipstick (of any color).Owners blond hair is to focus on one thing: either the eyes or lips.If the former, better lip gloss cover (without the pearl).


Evening make-up under the red dress can not tolerate excessive blatancy.For you to say your outfit and make-up is only a supplement.Effectively looks smoky eye makeup.In this case, the bright tone of the lipstick inappropriate, unless you do not want to shock everyone with his appearance.Before painting the eye, make sure that you will enjoy the image.Smoky makeup is not for everyone.Owners of small eyes is better to refrain from it.To make the eyes more expressive enough to bring the upper eyelid with dark pencil.What shade are suitable for the red dress?It is not blue, green, purple and red tones.The naturalness of welcome.Quite a bit of fluff eyelashes tint of ink, and on the eyelid cause beige shadows without nacre.


makeup requires a red dress, and even shouts that the complexion must be perfect.The fact is that such a bright color immediately identify the smallest defects in the skin.A person must be fully prepared:

  • makeup base.
  • foundation, evens the complexion.
  • Powder.

Face tone should be as natural and not a wax mask.This sin of many women, by the way.If the skin has a pimple or some other hard masked defect, on the red dress in the day is better to abstain.


Make a red dress, a photo of which is presented above, it is not correct.Perhaps, for the role of a vampire in the movie he is appropriate, but as the evening there.Major fault: the shadow to match the dress.This makes the person lost, and his eyes are too noticeable.To wear a bright dress, need some courage.Makeup should emphasize the outfit, and not to spoil the whole image.Be careful!