Practical advice about how to reduce the nose at home

nose - the most prominent part of the face.It was he who often are not satisfied with the girls, and even owners charming and accurate nozzles.And many even seriously thinking about its surgical correction.Before you resort to such radical methods, learn how to reduce your nose at home.Almost one hundred percent probability it can be argued that risky step you do not have to.

possible to reduce the nose without surgery?

indications for surgical correction of the nose can only serve its obvious deformation.Often with difficult breathing, causing discomfort and additional load on the body.Of course, the quality of life while significantly affected.If you do not belong to this category of women, it is best to use these operating tips on how to reduce the nose at home.

right makeup

to visually reduce the nose, you will need three shades of foundation dense texture.Basic - one that is optimally matched to the color of your skin.Secondary - one tone darker and lighter shade of the base.

If you want to learn how to reduce the cosmetic nose with wide back, try to lighten option nose and back of the nose, while the wings of the nose have to darken.Make sure that there are no clear boundaries between shades traced foundation, the transition should be smooth.The easiest way to this effect is achieved by using sponges for makeup.

How to reduce a nose in the home, if it is very long?All the same make-up.If the tip of the nose will be darker, and the back and the bridge - light, the visually nose will be much shorter.

At the same time move the visual focus from the nose to the cheekbones.This task is easy to handle shimmering powder.Smile and apply it on the projecting parts.The final stage: a little walk powder all over the face and neck.

Another secret of how to reduce the nose in the home, is the harmonious proportions of facial features.If a large nose, the eyes and the lips should be relevant to this size.Look at the schematic drawing circles below.

If orange circles, in your view, differ in size, you are wrong, they are the same.Therefore, make sure that (observing moderation, of course) to your eyes and lips were small.Enhance them with makeup, pay attention to the eyebrows.

Proper mowing

to reduce nasal visual basic thing to do - to give hair volume.The easiest way to do it on the hair of medium length.The most popular method - a small bouffant evenly all over the head, or only on the back of the head.

person should be as open as possible, so the fringe will undesirable elements of the image.In an extreme case, you can leave an asymmetric, slanting bangs.Hair color is also important.Lighter shades preferred.As for the hairstyle would be good to consult a hairdresser.The specialist will tell the best option for you.

Love yourself and be happy!