Semi-permanent mascara - natural beauty in 20 minutes!

This semi-permanent mascara application allows you to forget about the need to apply makeup each morning.What a pleasure every day to give yourself a half hour of sweet sleep!Is not it?

What is it?

semi-permanent mascara - it's easy, imperceptible, softest coating that surrounds each lash individually, provides comfort and convenience, combined with the resistance!Such coverage is not smeared, not be spread from the heat, do not wash off, do not roll up and osypetsya.You can safely use the sauna and the water park, taking a bath, walk in the rain, play sports, absolutely not thinking about the safety of makeup.Semi-permanent mascara Adele Sutton applied in just 20 minutes.If done yet and perming eyelashes, then an hour.This is significantly faster than the increase eyelashes (2 hours).

What do you get?

Upon completion of the procedure should not expect the phenomenal increase in the length and volume of eyelashes, because it does not build.However, the effect is smooth and carefully applied layer

of mascara is provided to you.First applied to the eyelashes special solutions, shared and stained (both upper and lower).Semi-permanent ink dries almost immediately.In all circumstances, the result of the procedure will continue for 2-3 weeks depending on the number of coats applied.Semi-permanent ink will gradually be washed away from the surface of the eyelashes.Therefore, if you suddenly want to leave it prematurely, you have to go to a beauty salon where the coating will remove special tool.The coating composition is hypoallergenic, so it can be applied to the eyelashes 3 consecutive months, after which it is recommended to take a break for a week, and you can again apply mascara.

semi-permanent mascara and eyelash

The combination of these two procedures gives a magical effect.Eyelashes are not as short as you think of them.They will have a soft and natural curl, they pripodnimut at the base due to silicone forms eyelash curler.Result - elongated eyelashes and more open look for 1.5 months.Having a complex procedure with a wave only once, update coat of mascara will only need two or three weeks.Perm should not be done before each application of semi-permanent mascara.

This procedure is suitable?

semi-permanent mascara make life easier for business women, young mums, the female who frequent the sauna, swimming pool or going to go on vacation.Also, the procedure will be interesting to those who want to try something new.


After the procedure, the application is not recommended: wet, rubbing, combing his eyes to sleep face in a pillow.Furthermore, it should refrain from swimming pool, sauna and solarium.But this is only in the first days after the procedure.The next day you can do whatever you want and test coverage of eyelashes in any, even extreme situations.The cost of the procedure varies in different stores from 1500 to 2500 rubles.Treat yourself and become a truly irresistible!