Lashes: a review of women and technology overlay

Many women have heard about a certain beauty services, as the extended eyelashes.Beautiful eyes have always been and will be in vogue.Just hard to decide on something, if you can hardly understand what is the procedure themselves.So today my article dedicated to this topic as "lashes".Reviews of women who had experienced the this technique, you will also find here.

overlay technique

What is the procedure themselves eyelash?It uses a man-made material, or natural (in the form of fluff mink or silk).Tufts or individual hairs, after drawing on them a special adhesive resin adheres to the master of your own line of growth of eyelashes.There are several techniques increase.You can choose the long lashes.Review them, you will find below.You can pick up hairs medium or small size.In addition, the wizard will prompt you to choose one of the following methods:

• DIL volume.Dual processing.Each cilium attached two layers of overhead villi.

• Incomplete.Running pasting artificial lint not to each cilium

, and after a short distance.

• Surround.Each cilium is glued to your long artificial hair.

Weigh "pros" and "cons"

Before deciding on this procedure, let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages include the following:

• Eyes appear impressively, even without makeup.You will immediately appreciate the effects that can give you lashes."Before" and "after" (result) can be tracked on the photo shown here.

• Save time on facials and applying makeup everyday.

In this case, unfortunately, the benefits of the procedure ends.On the downside it can include the following:

• spoil the appearance and health of your own lashes after removal of overhead;

• Not all means for removing eye make-up can be used;

• lack of comfort during sleep;

• the need for correction in 3 weeks;

• the high cost of the procedure.

makeup lashes

And now I will tell you about the features of design eyes with makeup.If you eyelashes, keep the following in mind: not all types of mascara you fit.Some of them can ruin all the work of the master.So choose this tool very carefully.Best of all, if you buy a special ink for eyelash extensions.Tint should be very carefully, as they often stick together in this case.Apply concealer shade and also should be very careful.The fat component of these funds may affect the status of bonded fluff - they can just fall out.And be careful with the connector.In some cases, it may simply be unnecessary, because your eyes are already very expressive.Reviews


And now let's listen to what they say women with lashes.Reviewed them is to ensure that the often artificial fluff fly off ahead of time, and at the most inopportune time for this.This usually happens to hairs accrued beams.The cilia, which are glued one by one, to stay a lot longer, but the cost of such a procedure is very expensive.So many of our girls prefer to just buy a good mascara with the effect of false eyelashes and enjoy it.It turns out a lot cheaper.Another worth mentioning long false eyelashes.According to the fair sex, they look very unnatural.

Thus, we have identified the pros and cons of the modern attributes like lashes.Reviews women warn that before you decide on this, you need to properly weigh the "pros" and "cons".