Scrub the scalp hair growth accelerates

girl who is in every way for a caring and grow hair naturally, makes a variety of masks and other beauty treatments to achieve the desired effect.But often in the pursuit of beauty and shine, we forget that you need to keep an eye not only for them but also for the scalp because of how good will care depends on the condition of the hair follicles.To accelerate the growth of hair, once a week is sufficient to apply the homemade mask in conjunction with the company store.And do scrub the scalp!

Yes, the scalp also needs exfoliation.You make a scrub for the face and body, nourishing masks and body wraps for hair and scalp receives a minimum of nutrients.

only on healthy skin to grow thick and long, shiny hair.This is the foundation for the house.What is it - and the house will stand.It's the same with your tresses.Now you have seen that scrub the scalp just need to do.

This procedure will allow you to clear your skin of dead skin particles, residues of gels, foams and varnishes, will help to get rid

of strong fat.Exfoliation increases blood circulation in the scalp, due to which hair follicles "wake up."Scrub the scalp perfectly removes dandruff and itching.

Remember that the presence of minor injuries, wounds, abrasions or scratches on the application of peeling is better to take time off.After staining, too, it is not recommended to do a scrub, because after the paint quickly washed away.

How do the procedure

necessary to do it before you wash your head, that is, immediately prior to this process.After applying the funds hold it down for three minutes.It is best to scrub the scalp applied parted massage movements.The hair should be wet.In the dry it is not recommended, as the strands can go awry.Then wash the head of a conventional method using a shampoo.

scrub the scalp, which reviews evidence about its effectiveness can be done at home.

Recipe Ingredients: water, sea salt

Preparation: Take three or four tablespoons of sea salt with no additives.Mix it with warm water and apply on the scalp massaged.Treatment time - three to five minutes.

salt scrub for the scalp, which accelerates the growth of hair

You will need: one small onion, half a cup of sea salt and water.

Preparation: Grate the onion on a fine grater, add to it a mixture of salt and water.Weight should get a semi.

For oily hair

You will need: 50 grams of blue clay, warm water, half a cup of sea salt.

Preparation: dissolve the clay with water and mix with sea salt.Within ten minutes of massage scalp.Thanks to the blue clay normalizes fat balance, the hair will be healthy and smooth.

Coffee Scrub

You need: natural coffee (not instant) - make better use of its remains after cooking;shampoo.

Preparation: mix the slurry with a small amount of shampoo, rubbed into the scalp and leave for 10 minutes.Use no more than once a month.

These are the scrubs will help you to grow more hair.