Coconut oil - beauty and health in every drop

Coconut oil - beauty and health in every drop.
Did you know that on this planet there is a unique tool that is effective for rejuvenation, healing the body and the preservation of beauty, weight loss, for the treatment of many diseases, and just for snow-white smile?It is a miracle tool - coconut oil.Who was in Thailand, I saw white-toothed smiling Thai people with perfect skin and gorgeous hair.The fact that the Thais use coconut oil almost anywhere - for skin care, hair loss, in cooking, treatment and prevention of sunburn and just to enjoy the aroma and velvety skin.

Coconut oil is incomparable in its universality with any natural, and even more so with cosmetics.For a small sum of money, you can find virtually interchangeable moisturizer mask on hair loss and hair treatment, a wonderful addition to baking, and even the means for a smooth, beautiful tan.And buy coconut oil is no longer a problem.And now everything is in order.

coconut oil in cooking.
Coconut oil is added to salads, used for th

e preparation of regular and diet dishes, as well as use in its pure form.In Queensland was once studied composition and action of the oil on the human body.As a result, scientists have found that coconut oil quickly and fairly easily absorbed by the body, but it is not deposited in the extra weight, and speeds up the metabolism and helps in weight loss is good.The same oil is shown in Alzheimer's disease, it prevents the development of disease and contributes to the speedy recovery of the body.

With regular use coconut oil helps with diabetes - it normalizes the production of insulin, and provides a burst of energy.Very useful coconut oil for people with heart disease oil lowers cholesterol, which is the best prevention of heart attacks and strokes.Coconut oil destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses.For example, it can take half a teaspoon during epidemics of influenza and for the treatment of dental caries.If you rinse your mouth with oil every morning for 15-20 minutes, then eventually erode tooth bacteria stop growing, the teeth will become much whiter and stronger, and another significant plus - long time to keep fresh breath, no matter how sick teeth.

Coconut oil for the skin.
Coconut oil can be used in pure form or as a base for a cream or balm.With many contained in it of vitamins and nutrients, the skin is perfectly moisturized and clean.The antibacterial properties of the oil can quickly get rid of acne, redness and peeling.It can be used for tanning, moisturizing the skin and make-up remover, as it is used and instead of the usual cream.Coconut oil helps produce collagen in the skin, so that it can and should be used to remove and prevent wrinkles.

Coconut hair oil.

Coconut oil is rapidly eliminates dandruff, prevents hair loss and restores its structure, strengthens the follicles and roots.It is well absorbed by the hair, after using the hair is not greasy, shiny and silky.

Coconut oil can be used by adding to the basic means for hair care, or to be in a pure form.
you health and beauty.