"Yves Rocher" - reviews of cosmetics

company "Yves Rocher" got its name in honor of its creator, who founded it more than half a century ago.The main credo of this manufacturer - natural throughout.What kind of products would be neither discussed: makeup, facials or body perfumes - you can be sure that everything is done on the plant basis.

«Yves Rocher" is the most positive reviews also because of its ideological mastermind manages to hold for many years around the brand name of a tangible aura of kindness, tenderness and good taste.At the mention of her in the head an association of French green meadows dotted with wildflowers, a light breeze or a faint breeze with the smell of freshly cut grass.

But step back from the lyrics."Yves Rocher" - user feedback is almost unanimously - really high-quality cosmetics.If we talk about "dekorativke" in this price segment it has no equal.Makeup made on the basis of "Yves Rocher" is perfectly acceptable, and the result is no different from a make-up of luxury brands.For comparison, compact powde

r "Yves Rocher", reviews of which the most praise, capacity 8 grams will cost you about eighteen dollars.And the same in terms of similar products "Chanel" or "Dior" will cost ten times more expensive.We have nothing against these world-renowned brands.They have a client that and would never use cosmetics "Yves Rocher".Comments about this cosmetics meanwhile argue that it is inferior to more expensive brands only in the price.What fans really like the company.

Given the substantial work experience in the global cosmetics market, one can not but wonder diversify "Yves Rocher".Creams, reviews of which depends on whether a particular vehicle has approached a person allocated to skin type (oily, dry, normal, combination) and their age (young, problem, 25+, 30+, etc.).In addition, the range of "Yves Rocher" is rich in a special series, of which the customer can easily find exactly the means.

separate story - pampering.Generally, the first impression of this cosmetics but interesting design packages - a delicious smell of money.This is especially evident in the property of cosmetics for body care.Shower gels, bubble bath, body lotion, scrubs, peels ... It smells so good that not only wants them to be smeared, and taste!

Scents - is another strong point of the manufacturer of herbal cosmetics.Perfume "Yves Rocher".Reviews majority of customers are assured that this is the optimal combination of quality and price.Perhaps some odors are not as persistent as I would like, however, and they are (for the French perfume) is quite inexpensive.Today, the company significantly expanded its line of perfumes, offering a large selection of pleasant odors is not only women but also men.

Cosmetics "Yves Rocher" in Russia spreads directly through corporate stores and salons.In addition, most people buy it when ordering online or by printed catalogs.One of the "highlights" of "Yves Rocher" - regular gifts to all our regular client.