Why white pencil beautiful makeup

All women, without exception, want to be beautiful, attractive and interesting.For the sake of dieting, working in the gym, buying fancy clothes.Another means to emphasize the beauty and help women gain a sense of attraction has always been cosmetic.However, in order to properly use its many elements you need to have some knowledge and skills, otherwise the effect will be diametrically opposite.But the ability and the habit will help to make a person irresistible.It is also important to choose the right color.

So, why do we need the white pencils?The answer to this question has long been known to designers around the world: they are visually adjust the shape of the eye, giving particularly deep shades, perfection and extraordinary beauty.With skillful use a white pencil is suitable for almost everyone.It is particularly relevant for those who wish to make the eyes large and expressive, for fashionistas, catching the latest trends in make-up, as well as for owners of brown eyes.

girls who want to know why we need the white pencils, should take into account that they are easy and very gently applied to the eyelids as simply washed away.With delicate white lines, you can increase the size of the eye, change their shape, flatten disadvantages.For example, it can be easily visually expand too narrow eyes.To do this, hold the arrow on the midway of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of it, ending it at the level of eyelashes and not continuing on the border below glaza.Zachem need white pencils yet, so it is to create a variety of styles.For example, they fit great makeup retro.Excellent with white lip pencil.Stroke them with shading gives lip plumpness and tenderness.And the eye is enough to put a pencil on the inside of the eyelids.If the eyes are too sensitive, can be applied to the outer edges of the upper and lower eyelids.Now we have to add a light brown or bluish shade with mother of pearl or glitter and a little mascara to emphasize the eyelashes.All, which image is ready.

Why white pencils yet?Yes to anything, including home makeover.He did so: take a pearlescent shade, draw a line under the eyebrows to shade it.Now we take the eyeliner and make the arrow below the line of growth of cilia.The final step - white pencil.Apply it on the outside of the contour and shade century that the line was not too clear and sharp.

Well, to visually enlarge the size of the eye, need to do the following: take the shadows to put the darker shade to the outer corners of the eyes, light - under the brow, the lightest - on the upper eyelid (owners of oriental eyes have to do everything exactly the opposite).Now shade border areas of shadow.White pencil draw a line on the edge of the lower eyelid.The upper lashes covered in ink volume, lower retained not made up.Everything is ready to make up.The only thing we should not forget - is a form of eyebrows.As the image itself, it must be accurate.

Use white pencil is very simple.Buy better than soft, occasionally gently erode, and to better direct application of warm hands, to lead has become even softer.Use white pencil better before all the other cosmetics, and on the inside of the eyelid is better not to apply at all, not to cause allergic reactions.In general make-up with white pencil (photos show it very clearly) gives the image of a romantic touch of tenderness, fragility and grace.