What is the modern cosmetics for men

unlikely that today there is a man who is not interested in the answer to the question of whether there should be cosmetics for men.Debate on this issue has been and there are many.The most ardent opponents of cosmetics for men declare that all the machinations of sexual minorities, and the present representatives of the stronger sex no makeup is required.Their opponents argue that the modern person - man or woman, it does not matter - should look at least decent.Crumpled suit, fume, weekly bristles still nobody doing courageous.

Perhaps cosmetics arsenal man can give rise to controversial opinions, but a means of skin care, hair lotions, deodorants, and no one should cause protest or rejection.Although this, too, cosmetics for men, but only hygienic.

After much controversy and debate society naturally found a middle ground - a man should take care of their appearance, because his body, especially the skin and subcutaneous tissue, tired no less feminine, and therefore in need of supplementary feedi

ng.And in this case we are not talking about some kind of coquetry - he is primarily concerned about their health.

Today there are many companies, which together with the release of women's cosmetics and products for men.It is created taking into account the differences between men's skin from the female.But they are essential.Leather men are much thicker, covered with bristles, subject to frequent aggressive influences such as shaving razor sharp.What kind of cosmetics for men, the most in demand?

such famous brands as Bioderm Homme, Clarins Men, Decleor Men, Lancome Men, Nivea and others have long been well known in our country.These companies often offer a set of cosmetics for men, who traditionally include shaving foam, gel, aftershave, body lotion, shampoo.By purchasing this set, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product.This should be a combination of natural, natural and high-quality components, which effectively act on problem areas of the skin, while not cause irritation or allergy.It should be noted that the best cosmetics for men is substantially free of preservatives, fragrances and chemicals.But it adds essential oils, plant extracts, which are sources of vitamins.

What kind of cosmetics for men necessary?You will definitely be needed:

- cleansing gels, to free the skin from clogging the pores;

- moisturizer that protects the delicate skin from dehydration;

- cleansing scrub that even men need more than women;

- shampoo (according to type).

It should be noted that if today a man tends to look attractive, it would not be able to achieve this with the help of a makeup, even the highest quality.It is necessary to carefully monitor the health, exercise, spend more time in the fresh air, to give up bad habits such as smoking and drinking.