Is it possible to shave intimate place, and how to do it

Can I shave your private parts?Modern society demands from each of the women to be beautiful always and everywhere.Including in intimate areas.Surely any of the fairer sex at least once in my life tried to get rid of hair in "these" places.And while each use one of the many ways to remove excess vegetation.There are two methods of getting rid of hair: depilation (hair removal are at the roots) and hair removal (for hair removal are removed and roots).The second wire chemicals, wax, laser and special solar cells.Hair removal using the latest - very expensive, but also the most effective method by which to get rid of hair can even forever.

Constant pain

Whichever method of getting rid of the hair you choose (except for shaving), will almost always painful, and this feeling is inevitable.But you can reduce it, just try not to carry out the procedure at the time of menstruation and in front of her.Before removing the direct take a bath and use the peels to refresh cells and improve circulation.

shave intimate place if

oldest and most proven method of getting rid of the hair is shaving.In terms of hair growth method is, of course, is not the best.However, if you accept every couple of days to take up the razor, then it is quite a good way, because the procedure is painless and easy, and the result is quite pleasing.You can often hear the question: "You have to shave your private parts?" Then the answer is already depends only on your wishes and the views of the partner, as the tastes do not.Some like smooth intimate area, and someone delighted with the natural naturalness.However, statistics show that the vast number of women and men prefer that these areas have been partners groomed and smooth.On the question of whether it is possible to shave intimate place, some doctors respond negatively, because after such a procedure on skin there are small scars, ingrown hairs, folliculitis and other microdamages that contribute to the penetration of various infections.Also, if you delete the wrong vegetation rash may appear as a result of irritation.Given all of the above, for themselves to answer questions about whether it is possible to shave intimate place.

to shave

to hair after shaving irritation was not terrible, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  1. before shaving is best to cut off the bulk of the hair, if they are long.
  2. before the procedure is necessary to take a warm shower or bath.
  3. apply special shaving cream, preferably with the addition of moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe.
  4. In no case do not use a dull razor, only sharp.Otherwise, you are guaranteed skin irritation.
  5. Shaving against the hair growth provides the most good result, but it can lead to ingrown.
  6. not shave this area too often and rinse daily areas most exposed to this procedure.

Now you know whether you can shave intimate place, and how it is done correctly.Choose your method and go for it!