Hairy armpits - good or bad?

hairy armpits of women and men in most cause only discomfort.If they looked sexy as some decades ago, but today it is - a manifestation of extremely unkempt, male and female.In addition, those with hairy armpits, spread around the peculiar smell of sweat.

No one is trying to say something out of the ordinary - sweat, in the end, everything.But on vegetation located in areas with large concentrations of sweat glands, it settles a secret that is not washed off even more cosmetics.However, even today there are those for whom the armpit (hairy and dirty) may seem to serve as a standard of beauty and object of desire.For the rest like hairiness is considered totally unacceptable.

There are some deviations from the endocrine system, in which the body hair, especially in intimate places, expressed much stronger than most people of the same age and sex.In this case, not only suffer armpits.Tons become and legs and groin area, and even the face.This is due to excessive production of male sex hormone - tes

tosterone.Normally, it is allocated in both sexes, but some diseases or drugs can cause similar symptoms.And if the men is a small problem, for women it is almost God's punishment, because this state of affairs brings not only a lot of inconvenience, but also a lot of complexes.

Get rid of this, unfortunately, it is impossible.One can only hope for the new epilators and other tools that are able to once and for all stop the growth of hair in a particular area.Fortunately, numerous beauty parlor are pleased to provide its customers with dozens of hair removal at a very affordable price.

Despite the negative attitude of society as a whole, one of the famous French directors "movie for adults", says that the most sexual women are just part of the armpits (hairy and even slightly unkempt).And in almost all his films women never resorted hair removal treatments with intimate places before the shooting.Himself the author of these paintings is called "naturalism" and real life.Is it true - is to ask his fans.

During the collapse of the Soviet Union on our scene came a large number of rock bands of various calibers.And they are all borrowed (with rare exceptions) the style of their Western colleagues, including hairy armpits (photo vintage performances testify to this).Even children's book about the history of rock music, written in the style of comics, describes this era and puts hairy armpits almost on the place of the main characteristic rock movement of the era.As far as this is true, can answer only the musicians themselves.

Summing up, it should be noted that the underarms (hairy, unwashed and unkempt) today are no longer the ideal of beauty and can only cause disgust as in males and females.