Tips on how to tan quickly

so beautifully looked tanned and toned body.Many girls dream of having dark skin.How to achieve a smooth chocolate tan?Answers to the questions can be found in this article.

As a tan faster, the most effective methods

1. The fastest way to get the coveted chocolate color is tan.It is a magical tool that will help you in just a few hours.It is now possible to use the services of professionals to get even and beautiful effect.

2. Another good, relatively inexpensive, but very effective way to get a tan - solarium.In addition to the body of chocolate, you will also be able to dry the pimples on the body, get a good mood and energy boost.If you have many moles, be sure to seal them with a special plaster, also wear a cap to prevent damage to the hair, and glasses so as not to spoil the vision.

3. Another solution to the problem "how to tan more quickly" - special lotions, however, the color turns out not so bright and saturated, as in the first two methods, but looks much more natural.

How to tan quickly with the help of folk remedies

Our grandmothers also took care of their appearance, and they wanted to have a beautiful chocolate body.What they used, because then there was such an abundance of tools to get the effect of sunburn or a gain?

1. Our grandmothers used a universal remedy - potassium permanganate.How to tan quickly with this matter?Very simply, for they were in the bathroom, after dissolving it in potassium permanganate.Being in the water it was necessary to the manifestation of sunburn, which will be immediately visible.The downside is that after using it was difficult to wash the bath.After the release of the water can not be wiped with a towel to dry only in a natural way, otherwise it will be smeared and ugly effect.This tan quickly washed off.

2. For the following method needs conventional pharmaceutical iodine, which dripped into the bottle with a spray, then sprayed skin.Tan obtained smooth and beautiful for those who picked the correct proportions.

3. Another method using iodine, which must be mixed with olive oil.With this method you will not only get a tan, but also a useful mixture for the skin.

order to sunbathe during the summer and should be hot.Go to the lake, the river, if you're lucky - at sea, in total, close to the pond.Sunbathing on the beach - this is the most natural and enjoyable way to get the effect of dark skin, but at the same time the most dangerous.In order not to burn in the sun, use special creams that protect against UV radiation.Stay out of the street at lunch time, it is the most dangerous.Sunbathe better in the early morning or late afternoon.After the swim, always wipe the body.Sunbathing wet skin can not, because the droplets act as a lens, burning your body.Do not overdo it in the sun: it is better to get a gentle brown shade, instead of chocolate than to lie with burnt skin for several weeks.