Shugaring - a direct proof that the sweet, too, is helpful

Generally speaking, means it is not new.They say he was not one thousand years, just forget about it, and now - remembered.And every day the army of fans of this method is growing.

As you might guess from the name (Eng. Sugar - sugar), shugaring - it is something related to sugar.The principle of operation is similar to waxing.Applied to the skin of a dense mass of sticky hairs firmly adhere to it, and then the weight is removed quickly from the skin along with the hair.Only in this case, the wax is not used and the composition of the molten malleable sugar.

How a sugar shugaring do?

hair removal treatments

Some salons promise to remove hair of any length, but it is better to wait until they are fully grown by about 2 mm.

hair removal takes place by the following steps:

  1. degreasing of the skin (lotion, talc).
  2. Applying the anti-hair growth.In the salons, a special paste for shugaring.Most brands offer a completely natural product without perfumes and dyes.For home hair removal paste can
    be purchased at the store or make your own.
  3. Removal layer paste abruptly with hairs.This procedure can be repeated several times on the same skin area to achieve perfect smoothness.Irritation and other negative consequences this will cause.The paste is removed by hair growth without damaging the follicles.
  4. Flushing composition from the skin with warm water.
  5. Applying moisturizer.Sometimes before that skin treated with special compounds inhibiting hair growth.

Within days after the procedure is not recommended to sunbathe, swimming pool, solarium and sauna.

said eventually weaken the hair, thinning, and their number is reduced.Not always, but some luck.

Benefits shugaring

  1. using only natural ingredients.
  2. Ability to use on the most delicate areas (bikini, underarms, nadgubnaya zone).Naturally, anyone who is thinking about what to try or not, tormented by the question: "Shugaring - it hurt?".Of course, the belief that sugar hair removal, unlike a wax, painless - not true (although it is believed that sugar still brings less pain than the wax).The first time will hurt.But tolerable, otherwise nobody would this method is not applied.Each time the procedure will be given easier.Remember how the first ever plucked eyebrows.Perhaps you have forgotten that it was painful.Of course, all different threshold.It happens that a girl can only make shaving and depilatory cream, but it's a special case.
  3. When used properly, the probability of occurrence of ingrown hair tends to zero.
  4. can be used for varicose veins.There is no additional heat (skin is warm enough), so this hair removal does not cause the formation of spider veins.
  5. Remains composition easily washed off with water.Those who have ever done waxing, will understand what I mean.
  6. view of removing hair in small areas, and part of the movement, the skin is stretched, so shugaring for sagging skin.
  7. procedure does not cause swelling, redness, irritation.
  8. You can choose to do at home, which will save a lot of money.


As with any cosmetic procedure, shugaring for physiological reasons, not accessible to all.Do not use this method of hair removal if:

  1. Currently there are skin rash, irritation, are festering and inflammatory processes.
  2. You intolerance of separate components.
  3. you are a diabetic

Ingredients for homemade pasta shugaring

not always possible to prepare the composition of the first half.The case is thin and relatively long.Sugar burns easily, the mixture may be too liquid or too hard.But everything comes with experience.But once it is possible to cook a number of staff that will last for several months.

Recipes are plenty, but it may happen that you will have to experiment with proportions, creating a structure that is suitable for your hair structure.

Recipe 1. If you need a lot of weight

If you want to cook a lot at once, take 1 kg of sugar, 7, Art.l.lemon juice, and Article 8.l.water.Mix.Heat over high heat for a few minutes, then reduce heat, stir, cover and simmer for 40 minutes.Every 8-10 minutes, open the lid and thoroughly mix the composition.After this time the sugar is completely melted and should begin to bubble.Remove the cover and cook 5 minutes more weight uncovered.Then pour into a container (preferably plastic), wherein the composition is stored.

After 3 hours the mass has cooled sufficiently, and it can be used.

cooked pasta can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature.When reusing only need to reheat it in a water bath.

Recipe 2. at once

Article 10.l.sugar, juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp.l.water.Cook until golden-yellow color 10-15 minutes.

For use pinch off a small ball in the hands thoroughly kneaded until until it becomes soft and viscous, and will not get milky color.Then it is slightly stretched, applied to the skin against hair growth and is firmly pressed.Now it needs to be as fast as possible and sharply disrupt direction of hair growth.The procedure is repeated until all the hairs on this site will not be removed.Remains of the composition are washed with warm water and applied to the skin moisturizer.


paste for hair removal in the bikini area is better to be prepared without the addition of lemon juice with honey.

remind you that the proportion of the components may be changed slightly.

At first glance, it may seem that shugaring - this is a very time consuming way.But everyone chooses for himself.Everywhere has its drawbacks.Hair removal with an epilator, for example, takes a lot of time to the same after each application is required to clean the device.Shaving though is the fastest and easiest method, but it has to be done more often, while infinitely buying shaving creams and changing the cassette in the machine.It is necessary to try everything to choose the best option.

Thus shugaring - is one of the convenient and accessible methods of hair removal, which can be carried out both in the salon and at home.