Why black elbows and how to solve this problem?

Looming question: "Why the black elbows?" Darkening of skin color elbows - a signal the presence of disease-causing such changes.The reasons may be different, but in 90% of cases they are associated with hormonal changes.Black dry elbows point to the lack of hormones in the body.Thyroid produces a small amount of thyroxine and iodine imbalance.You can fix this by visiting a specialist.

Diabetics know perfectly well why the black elbows.In this disease, the power of skin cells is disrupted and dehydration.Thin and dry, easily vulnerable, prone to various inflamed skin on elbows and dark cracks.

If you have allergies or are located to all sorts of skin diseases dermatoid order, you can easily find out why black elbows visiting dermatologist.In many skin diseases characterized by changing its color at the elbows, roughness and peeling.

danger may be a fungus of the skin.And if time does not treat his disease becomes dangerous stage - psoriasis.This disease is very difficult to treat and sometimes e

ven impossible.To all this, the list can safely add beriberi.

To start self-healing is possible only after a visit to a specialist and after various tests will be carried out and set the reason why black elbows.There are a lot of recipes:

  • ointment (both purchased and prepared their own);
  • lotions;
  • broths.

Consider some of those that you can prepare yourself without much effort.

first in this list of prescriptions drugs are natural oils.The most effective olive oil, sea buckthorn, fir and cedar, very good badger fat, camphor oil and cocoa butter.To enhance the action recommended to combine multiple ingredients.

a clean steamed out skin slowly and carefully rubbing the selected oil after 30 minutes remove the excess with a soft cloth.We do the procedure every day at any time.It is advisable to periodically change the oil on any other list.

second place rightfully occupy oil mask.The basis for such masks is the usual children's cream or petroleum jelly.

There are two types of masks - with herbs and stone masks.


  • daisy;
  • marigold;
  • horsetail;
  • thyme;
  • rosemary;
  • comfrey root.

All of them are good for treating skin.Take a pinch of three different herbs, kneaded in a mortar and add the oil base, mix well.The root of comfrey should be present in any variations, it is dominant.If there is no mortar, you can grind in a coffee grinder.

Stone fruit are prepared according to the same principle.

Generally grape, lemon, pomegranate seeds or cumin seeds.

mixture is applied to the elbows at night as a compress.

broth is prepared by steaming the same bones of three species in any variation.At 0.5 liters of water, three tablespoons Solovykh seed.We lower your elbows in hot broth (not boiling) and soar 5-10 minutes.

How to remove the black elbow, which measures more effective, everyone chooses himself.