Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Most modern women are the owners of medium length hair.Behind them is not so difficult to look after, both locks that take out the waist and at the same time the image is feminine, without a hint of a short cut.However, every day to go to the same stacking all tired, so now we will look at how to make simple hairstyles for medium hair and when they might be appropriate.

So, the number one hair we will blow with a side parting.The main thing - with the help of ironing perfectly align the hair to the tips looked straight down.As a result, smooth hair, covering part of the face, create impressive image that is perfect for office or for a romantic evening.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair is usually done within 5-10 minutes, but you will be able to build a following in just a minute or two.This is a simple ponytail, who always looked attractive and inviting.It is only important to consider the form in which you leave the ends of her hair.They can be curled using curling irons or align.In the first cas

e the image will be rigorous, with a touch of romantic negligence.If the tail is perfectly flat, you will become a bright representative office style.

Surprisingly, simple hairstyles for medium hair is also in the secrets of our grandmothers, youth who came to the first half of the twentieth century.At the time, was popular retro style that is gaining momentum in the fashion world today.Hairstyles like that done very quickly.Divide hair into strands and curl 6-8 using a large curling iron.Result lock lacquer, and to create the desired effect on the one hand podkoly hair butterfly barrette or another.It is important to know that this installation provides a side parting.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair can come up with on the fly, based only on the technique of braiding.For example, a thin braid flagellum and fix it like a rim.To do this, separate small portion of hair from the left (right) ear, braid plait that its end would get to the other ear, and fasten it there invisible.Also nice would look two braids, which has its origins at the temples, and fastened just above the nape of the neck.

Consider how else you can make simple hairstyle hands.Photos, cited in the article, is the most simple "Malvinka."By doing this hairstyle, you can fully improvise: comb your hair back, or be divided into two halves, and then secured to the upper part of the back of the head.The famous "Malvinka" can be supplemented with fleece - perfect for a party or reception.

important to know that when we do hairstyles for medium hair, you must first use the gel, foam or wax.The fact that it is a midi length - the most unruly hair often slip out of pins, thus spoiling the whole look.Also, choosing a laying, prefer something simple that can be fixed, "crab" or hairpin-gun.