Preparing for the holiday: which competitions can be carried out on the day of the child's birth

Birthday - holiday, which in childhood and adolescence is expected to look and take must necessarily fun, joyful, with a twinkle.Therefore, in addition to the table with a variety of tasty treats, it is necessary to organize and music, and a variety of entertaining contests and jobs.

«Write like a chicken, but not with his paw!»

competitions What can be done?For his birthday suit simple, original, funny, mass and individual character.Pick up must be the ones who would be interested in all the guests invited by your child on their holiday.For example, children are happy to take part in such Prepare several album sheets and crayons, or gel pens.Volunteered asked to write on a proposal from the birthday wishes.However, the task has its own difficulty: Pens are not taken up, and clamped his teeth.And given the time - 10 minutes Participants cheering fans.Incentive prize - a fruit or a sweet glass of lemonade or others.

«Almost a Chinese restaurant»

choosing which competitions can be carried out at

a birthday party, ask your child this one.Participate in it can be anything that allows any of the guests did not leave without attention.Stock up on wooden or plastic toothpicks.On plates, place fresh or frozen cherries, sweet cherries (with pits).Or a few spoonfuls Olivier salad.Suit and pieces of jelly.It is important that children take food from the plates did not fork or spoon, and those same sticks.When they begin to recklessly wield their instruments, record it on video, and then show them.When viewing will be doubly funny.Just pay attention to what competitions you can spend a birthday, to the appearance of the participants did not suffer, and which are fraught with stains on clothing.And there was a large cloth or paper towels - to hide behind.

Floating fruit

The larger the table turmoil, laughter, confusion - that is undoubtedly better as higher degrees of children's fun.And we continue to offer its already moved, for example, in the yard.What competitions can be carried out at a birthday party when he falls on the warm season?Select 3-4 volunteers.In a small bowl, pour water and put it 5-6 apples or pears, peaches, plums (large).Setting: Volunteers holding hands behind his back, and themselves (time) trying to pick up their mouths and get the fruit.The rest of the comment, support, laughing.And of course, once again recorded a video!Can you imagine what a fascinating movie you get when you then mount all subjects?By the way, such competitions are good birthday teenage schoolboy secondary and even junior level.And for teens, and they are still interesting in that they allow kink and play tricks, like little children.

«What is it»

If you want to do without the extreme, use this option here.To implement it will need a few participants quite artistic, ductile, with scenic inclinations.The job will be a very "simple": to portray this or that object, and the rest of the holiday will have to guess.Prizes are given to those who are better and more accurate mastered pantomime, and those who could guess.

Thus, if you are celebrating a child's birthday, games, competitions are required.Without them, it will be boring and hero of the occasion, and his friends.And appropriate music and rich entertainment program will make this event unforgettable.Happy holidays to you and only happy birthday!