How to quickly dry the clothes in different ways

In life there are so many different situations.Sometimes it happens that there is no time to wait for your laundry or dry clothes, and it is necessary to quickly dry.There are many practical ways, the time-tested.There is also a huge number of special tools that are designed to accelerate the drying of cotton, wool, satin and silk products.If you had washed her shoes or wet - do not worry - there are special drying all kinds of shoes.Wet the top and bottom clothes - in our time is not a problem.In this article, a brief look at some frequently used by both professionals and housewives methods.

Use automatic washing machine spin

If you are confused as to how quickly dry clothes, then, first of all, use the maximum spin in the machine-gun.If a thing is not wool or too soft, then this method is just fine.With this you remove almost all the moisture, and the thing is almost dry.To accelerate the drying drum can be put into dry white cotton towel.Cotton absorbs moisture very well, and therefore speed up

the process.You can also use other similar properties of cotton fabric.After the automatic drying machine can proceed to the next step.

How quickly dry clothes - different tricks

One of the innovative ways of drying your things, especially small items, this microwave.However prosushivaya things so you need to be extremely careful not to dry up or they do not put anything accident with metal elements.If you are desperate man, or if you need to quickly get this thing, then you can use this unusual way.Do not forget, however, every half minute to check if everything is in order, and at what stage is the thing.

If you have a fireplace or an oil air heater, then you can use the heat that they emit electrical appliances.Attention!In no case do not hang things on top of or convector heater, as this may cause a fire or damage the item.If you do not have these appliances, then you can hang things around the oven or batteries teplootopleniya.However, there need to be especially careful not to dry up the thing.Extremely important to accurately handle a variety of delicate or sensitive materials.

dry the air

If it's summer, you can hang your clothes or linen in a draft - surprisingly, things dry out very quickly.If you can not place things on a rope, or you live in an apartment and do not own a loggia or balcony, then you can hang clothes right in the room and create an artificial draft by the fan.You can use the sliding clothesline or special mounting clothes dryers.

Some who are not particularly eager to dry article of clothing, go even further.You do not need great ingenuity to think of what things can be done using conventional dry hair dryer.However, this would require a more powerful tool, and can be dried in this manner except that little thing.

Specialized drying clothes

How quickly dry clothes with special appliances?In addition to the usual iron, which can be ironed damp thing, there is a huge variety of such dryers.They differ except that the principle works.For example, infrared drying quickly leads thing in order with the help of the above-mentioned radiation.However, not all users may like it because of the cost.

In the beginning of this article we mentioned the special dryer for shoes.It represents trubkovidny device taken along the contour of the human foot, and is usually complete once for a pair of shoes.With sufficient power appliance even the wet, just erasing shoes dry very quickly.This type of dryer is suitable and if you hit bad weather in the rain.

What else can you do?

The next version - cabinet used for drying clothes.If you have the extra money for this pleasure, or if you are the owner of any establishment, whereas the purchase of such a cabinet - this is what you need.Usually, there is a place inside the shoe and clothing.In these cabinets clothes dried quickly and efficiently thanks to a special UV treatment.The warm, soft air flow suitable for delicate fabrics and for rough work clothes, uniforms or tracksuits.Due to the flexible power setting, you will be able to adjust the speed of drying, to prevent tissue damage.Of course, not all cases for drying clothes have all the features, but if you do not mind the money for such an investment, then you certainly will not be disappointed.

Practice different methods

Whatever you used for drying clothes, electric or usual, we will be glad if tips with which you have read in this article will be useful to you.Someone decides what to buy expensive equipment is impractical because it requires additional costs and take up much space.The other person prefers convenience and comfort, is sparing no expense for the purchase of special appliances.One thing we are sure exactly: the question of how to quickly dry the clothes, after reading this article you should arise.