"Ascona" (cushion): reviews, photos

Complete rest for each person is very important.Healthy sleep well energizes and balanced emotions, restores the body for normal functioning.

What is needed for effective night's rest

very important that sleep was quiet and uninterrupted.For this purpose it is necessary to comply with several conditions:

  • walk before going to bed in the open air;
  • adherence power;
  • ability to control their emotions;
  • comfortable bed.

comfortable place to rest and sleep is provided not only the bed, but as a pillow, mattress and bed linen.By the choice of pillows should be treated very carefully, t. To. This is the bedding it supports muscles of the cervical spine and helps to relax the upper body.

pillows from the company «Ascona»

Russian company "Ascona" specializes in manufacturing a variety of products for your comfort.The company manufactures mattresses, pillows, bed linen and beds.For the production of pillows developers companies have requirements that meet international standards of similar product


What navigate when buying pillows?

  1. configuration and dimensions.It produces "Ascona" cushions of different sizes that correspond to the human physique: the wider the shoulders, the higher the cushion - 13-15 cm. For people of average build to suit the height of 10-12 cm.
  2. filler (natural or synthetic).It is important to understand that the modern synthetic materials are more durable, do not accumulate dust, and take care of them easily.
  3. Anatomical and orthopedic properties.Pillows with medical (orthopedic) effect not suit everyone due to increased hardness and rigidity.Versatile option in this respect are anatomical pillows.

assortment of pillows

All items "Ascona", including cushions, are divided into three types:

  • classic, traditional - in the form of a square or an elongated rectangle;
  • anatomical - retain the shape of the human body, it is very easy to use;
  • orthopedic - different hardness and rigidity, t. To. Perform therapeutic function and are designed for people with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

to select a particular model you need to determine what function will execute this accessory for you.

The firm "Ascona" pillow classic different elasticity filler.It consists of natural (cotton, wool, feathers) and synthetic fibers, preventing the appearance of dust mites and hygroscopic properties.Some models are equipped with a mini-spring "Spring pillow."It helps complete relaxation of the neck muscles and the free circulation of the blood, which is especially important for the brain.

Anatomical cervical pillows are equipped with special rollers for fans sleeping on your side.Since the cervical vertebrae are not deformed.Due to the properties of the foam filler such models are adjusted to the individual characteristics of the body structure.

Orthopedic pillows are identical in form with anatomical models.The main difference is that the brand "Ascona" orthopedic cushion has a rigid framework or foundation.Rollers of different sizes will help to choose the most comfortable sleeping position.

Many models are sized rows.You can choose your pillow is not only for adults but also for children.

most important reference point for consumers when buying pillows - is reviewing independent buyers.Among all the reports of a commodity is necessary to select those that characterize it, taking into account your individual requirements.For example, if you like to sleep on your back, it is best to choose the traditional model or a copy of a small hollow in the center.

Do not be lazy and look for information from those who have already used a similar model of the brand "Ascona" (pillow) reviews may be polar.

Innovative material taktil

Company "Ascona" constantly improving production technology, using the latest achievements of leading scientific institutions.So, as a filler for pillows anatomical collections "slip professor" used material of new generation - taktil with cooling gel microparticles.This framework has the effect of thermoregulation: during sleep, it does not heat up and makes the neck and head sweating.Buyers praised the quality of the goods "Ascona" - pillows "slip professor."Reviews highlight is the healing properties of these products.However, many people are not satisfied with the smell of antibacterial impregnation which disappears for a long time.Therefore, when buying the best ever consult with the manager of the composition, which are processed basis.

As a result of the All-Russian competition of goods and producers of 2013, a series of "slip professor" won the award "Brand number 1".

Tehnogel - a breakthrough in the production of goods for sleep

Material tehnogel today considered unsurpassed 3D-filler for pillows.Due to its thermoregulation and hygroscopic properties model with its base are soft and density.Anatomical features pillow "Ascona" (tehnogel), reviews that describe the series as one of the most comfortable anatomical products, all customers have appreciated, namely the ability to "remember" the shape of the body.But the cooling effect caused some discomfort.Therefore, the choice of this product is required to take into account their individual characteristics and preferences.By agreement with the company, you can take a test drive cushion.

Special features

Produced by "Ascona" cushions have indisputable advantages.It:

  • Affordable prices.
  • All collections have distinctive features: Some models are designed with memory, others with carbon insert or cooling gel, the third spring elements are inserted.
  • variety of shapes and sizes will help to choose the product according to your individual needs and characteristics.

pillows from the company "Ascona" - a great gift for loved ones.