Kevlar - what is it?

Each generation living in a particular eras, its own rules and principles, requirements for mobility and quality of life.Accordingly, for the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in all sectors should increase the overall rate, and the new time dictates the rules.So what kind of fashion for things to include Kevlar touched not only the specialized units, including the military, but also ordinary townsfolk, who value their safety and love comfort.

Kevlar: what is it?

Durable Kevlar fibers woven into long-structure developments in the automotive, construction, military industries, partly displacing less robust and practical steel."Woven" organic yarn material has become indispensable simply because of their unique characteristics.So now consider in detail the question of Kevlar - what it is and learn the history of its occurrence.


the emergence of new polymer in a sense, was the "baby" His Majesty Case, having been born in the laboratories of the company Dupont, which alread

y at that time had to its credit the invention is a material such as nylon.Then, in 1964, the research team was looking for a solution how to replace the steel cord in a car tire on a much lighter polymer filaments such as polyaramide.Accordingly, the activity was not easy, because you first need to dissolve polyaramides (which in itself is not an easy task), and then to get a lot of "spin" a thread.Positive results achieved Stephanie Kwolek.She managed to get the fibers exceptional strength, which after testing showed stunning results - a new thread has appeared stronger than steel.

But that was only the beginning of a brilliant history of this material.Kevlar fabric appeared on the market in 1975, and since then, the lack of demand can not complain.And it creates a production, so that Dupont does not stop there.The company provides noticeable financial investments, aimed at modernizing patented material Kevlar and give it improved performance.

of today

now turn to our time.Modern Kevlar - what is it?And it is surprisingly light and soft material that fire does not burn, and even little smoldering, moisture perfectly absorbs, allowing integuments to "breathe" and at the same time for its strength than steel at times, keeping the load on the rupture within 2500 N. Yes, and processing the tissue easily and does not require a narrow section of the equipment.

How is

fiber-forming polymers are produced at low temperature by polycondensation in solution.For the latter reagents are added and stirred vigorously.This polymer solution is released in the form of chips or gel.Next, it is washed and dried.The polymer was then dissolved in strong acids (e.g., sulfuric acid).From the resulting solution extruded fibers and filaments are formed.They are washed and dried.

Kevlar fiber - crystallized polymer.Their structures are characterized by a high degree of rigidity.This is due to the benzene rings.The structure belongs to the Kevlar polymer networks.It is made in the form of technical yarns having different linear density and structure.The number of fibers in the filaments may vary from 130 to 1000 in the manufacture of Kevlar fabric and from 500 to 10 thousand. In the manufacture of cords and ropes.This material is available in the form of rovings, fabrics and yarns.The fibers are opaque, their average diameter - 11 micron.


its application Kevlar finds in those industries where essential wear resistance and thermal stability, low structural rigidity and maximum ease, as well as excellent strength at low weight.It is not surprising that this material has fallen "to the court" in the manufacture of personal protective equipment, such as bullet-proof vests, helmets.

Kevlar Protects comfortably

Today, a variety of clothing is made of Kevlar, is intended not only for the military and various special units, but also for those who choose ultraaktivny lifestyle and crazy at the same hunting or airsoft.Of course, airsoft nowhere Kevlar armor with a high level of protection and additional armor plates, but the T-shirt with special Kevlar inserts will be very relevant.In addition, these elements are easily hidden under outer clothing, and design appropriate models are developed.

Perhaps the most popular products made from Kevlar can be considered Armed helms, tactical gloves and, of course, bulletproof vests.By the way, precisely because of this tissue and produce the means of passive protection, adopting NATO.

Protect your hands

Tactical gloves with Kevlar in the form of protective inserts on the palms and knuckles can not only protect the hand from injury in a collision, for example, the teeth of the enemy, but also greatly enhance the impact, making it a bruise.This kind of modern equivalent of brass knuckles.Given the strength, heat resistance and moisture and damage accessories such recent popular not only among employees of specialized units, but also extreme, street fighters, active lifestyles.They are also in demand by those who have dark streets of his native village causes well-founded fear.

and bullet and bayonet ... stop there Kevlar?

bulletproof vest Kevlar is considered one of the most reliable means of individual passive protection.With its unique lightness, strength and relative durability of this "armor" is able to protect the wearer from glancing blows cold weapons and mitigate the effects of falling bullets, preventing the introduction and spread of debris.

choosing body armor, based on the polymer used, consider some of the nuances that he is endowed with.Kevlar - what is it?Soft armor, that will not save from a shot at close range or penetrating stab with an awl or so models are designed with special rigid panels, designed to further absorb the impact.

All minuses

The drawbacks of Kevlar include photosensitivity - for longer stays in the sun miracle material begins to break down, although very, very slowly.The best means of protection was Inserting elements with Kevlar threads in a thick cloth.

price of the product with paraamidnymi threads is high enough and that it interferes with the universal "kevlarizatsii."To equip the army with tactical products from this material can afford only economically developed countries.


Today is very difficult to provide passive protection without Kevlar fibers, made of a fabric body armor and helmets, helmets have saved many lives.Therefore, the creators have something to be proud of.And manufacturers need to expand production of Kevlar and continuously improve its quality characteristics.