Folic acid in pregnancy - what products to pamper yourself

Pregnancy - a very important period for every woman.Now, the expectant mother must think not only about themselves but also about the little creature is placed in the womb, about another of life, for which it is responsible.From it depends largely on how it will feel for nine months and for a long time after.After all, during this period the baby will take a huge and rapid path of development from an embryo to a full man.

Particular attention should be given to the first three months of pregnancy, as this term is an active division of germ cells, the development of major organs and systems.Any breach could lead to irreversible consequences for the health of the fetus.Extremely acute shortage of the embryo takes vitamins like folic acid.During pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary to the fetus.

It is intended for the growth of new embryonic stem cells.Furthermore, with the participation of folic acid, DNA replication occurs and formation of the placenta and fetus will suffer if the shortage of the

vitamin, then several times increases the risk of genetic mutations.

Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is mainly ingested with food.A small part of it is synthesized in the intestine, but this amount is not enough for the fetus and the pregnant woman.Therefore, folic acid during pregnancy is to be taken in pill form.

It is advisable to start receiving it a few months before conception to satisfy a woman's body this vitamin.Unfortunately, folic acid during pregnancy begins to flow to the fetus only a month after fertilization, when the women are convinced of their interesting position.

A lack of this vitamin in the first 20 days of embryonic development often leads to severe complications such as neural tube defect.That is why it is so important to prepare in advance in pregnancy and early to take vitamin complexes.

possible consequences of a lack of folic acid during pregnancy:

  • violation of the mental and physical development;

  • brain edema;

  • beginning of premature labor;

  • lack of development of the nervous and vascular systems;

  • death of the fetus in the womb;

  • malformations;

  • gestosis.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that folic acid during pregnancy is not acquired without adequate vitamin B12.It is recommended to combine them as much as possible.The daily requirement of the future mother in vitamin B9 is about one gram.When this is not taken into account that in some foods also contain folic acid.During pregnancy, you can take up to four tablets of the finished tablet formulation.

What foods are rich in folic acid?

most vitamin B9 is found in green vegetables and spinach, green peas, pumpkin, beans, parsley.Rich in folic acid and wholemeal bread, as well as the liver of cattle and fish.Some contain vitamin citrus and apricots.

But folic acid is important for pregnant women no less than to the fetus.Because it affects the entire central nervous system and brain, prevents the development of toxicity, miscarriage, depression and headache.