Extract from the hospital - that we should know about?

birth of a child - a great miracle, which dreams of every woman.Nine months of anxious waiting end with the birth of a wonderful and beloved little man.After several days in the hospital with the baby mama ready to return home.Discharge from hospital requires careful preparation, so it is necessary to think about it in advance.

future moms, while still in the last months of pregnancy, should draw up a list of cases and purchases that will make the future a happy father after a safe delivery.To do this it is necessary, in order to confused young dad did not confused by his overflowing emotions and feelings, learning about the birth of a daughter or a son.

Even better, Mommy she will prepare everything necessary until both meet in the hospital, neatly organized in separate packages and carefully explain to her husband, which package and what is intended.This written recommendations for daddy are not canceled.The reasons are the same - emotions overflowing shower, clouding any common sense.

Things to

newborn child for discharge is necessary to prepare the clothes in which he will be comfortable and warm.

discharge from hospital for the winter and summer discharge from hospital are slightly different set of children's clothes.Simply buy a complete package for the newborn, which can be found in any children's store.This will save parents from unnecessary reflections on the theme of the necessary things for the baby and helps not to forget anything.It is important to buy the envelope, so that later it could be a walk in the fresh air, to go to the clinic and make trips to visit.

If for some reason it was not possible to buy a set, the statement from the hospital will need to have the following:

  • diapers, on what kind of company to choose depends on the mom and her
  • vests, some parents replaced it on the "body";
  • sliders;
  • hats;
  • calico, flannel diapers;
  • special recreational (summer or winter) envelope for newborns or blankets.

important things to be made of natural cotton fabrics, as well as their
need to wash baby powder and mix thoroughly to steam.Cleanliness and hygiene - the most important condition for the health of the newborn child.

Houses kid to wait a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress, the laid clean and fresh bedding, changing table.It is advisable and a small supply of diapers.For bathing in handy separate tub and bath towel.From the need of children's cosmetics, creams, butter and powder, although some moms perfectly well without these newfangled devices.Do not forget about the first aid kit, which must be filled in accordance with the recommendations of a pediatrician.

Things for mom

discharge from hospital for the mother no less important event than for the baby, and her main desire - to appear before the family, and especially to her husband in all its splendor and beauty.Therefore, do not neglect cosmetics.

Underwear buy necessary in view of the increasing size of the breast.It is best to take a bra for nursing mothers, so that if necessary, could easily feed the baby in the car.For this reason, useful and blouse, providing easy access to the breast.Focusing on the weather, is taken outerwear and footwear.