How do I know the gestational age accurately?

learning about the pregnancy, every woman wants to calculate its approximate date to schedule a visit to the doctor, putting on record in the women's advice and, of course, to start preparing for a significant event in his life - birth.

How do I know the gestational age?To calculate it easy, you only need to understand how to do it.Learn term pregnancy is easy if you remember the date of the beginning of the last cycle, that is, the most recent menstruation, and from the count week.This period is called the obstetric.The Internet is now even possible to find special services, counting down the gestational age according to the date of the beginning of the last cycle and its average duration.

But if the cycle is unstable and changes frequently, this method is hardly reliable, so the question arises of how to find out the exact date of pregnancy.

You can find the term quite accurately using pregnancy tests of a new generation that will help especially in the early stages, in the very beginning of pre

gnancy.These tests determine the concentration of beta-hCG, a hormone that begins to produce the beginning of pregnancy, and give an approximate result.

How do I know the term of pregnancy can also prompt an obstetrician-gynecologist.Typically, doctors use two techniques: a blood test for a special rate, beta-hCG and ultrasound.

blood test, especially if it is made closer to 10-12 weeks, can give an accurate result is not enough, as these terms normal range is too wide to set a date for sure.But ultrasound can provide more accurate results even obstetric period.Measuring the size of the fetus and comparing them with the table of standards helps to establish very precise term, but it is called the embryonic and often a little behind midwifery.At the same time the doctor can tell you how to find delivery date, it is easy to calculate.

There are several ways to find out the duration of pregnancy.For example, you can learn how to measure the height of the uterine fundus, ask your doctor to show you how to do it.At first it will be difficult, but as the queen will rise, all will make measurements easier.Normally, this value is equal to week of pregnancy.

There is a way, which are oriented even doctors - a time when the expectant mother begins to feel the fetus moving.This usually occurs in 18-22 weeks of pregnancy.Some pregnant women even believe in omens that, count exactly 20 weeks from the first stirring, you can find out the date of birth.

nearer the end of pregnancy, the easier it is to set the exact date using ultrasound.While in the early stages could prevent the measurement error or not enough good equipment, but now, when the baby is big, it is easier to measure.

can ask different doctors, how do you know the period of pregnancy, but the woman herself can accurately answer this question, focusing on their own feelings and well-being.

should be remembered that in most cases, babies are born not just in time, but sooner or later for a few days or even two weeks.This is normal, so do not worry.But be sure to take into account that the date of birth, called a doctor - this is only a tentative deadline, so to leave better prepared in advance.