Educational trips in the middle group in the fall

age characteristics of children four to five years are characterized by increased attention to everything going on in the outside world.One has only to observe the behavior of children, as it becomes clear: it is interesting to follow the changing environmental conditions.On the basis of this statement, it is possible and necessary to organize classes for children on a walk, to not waste precious time.

Autumn walk with the children of the middle group can bring undeniable benefits, make a significant contribution to their formation: the development of cognitive processes (memory, thinking, imagination, speech), creative skills, the formation of interest to the native nature and the fact that it takes place.With regular exercises of this type in children gradually formed a bright, clear view of each season, its distinctive features.Soon children will be able to easily answer questions about what the winter is different from the fall, and the fall of the summer.

How to conduct classes with children
on the walk

Before going outdoors during group classes the teacher should fix the main theme with the children, which they are currently studying.Walk in the middle group in the fall can be very exciting, if you approach the process correctly and responsibly.

So the children learned the subject.Then the teacher displays them on the site and using the materials at hand (yellowed leaves, stones, paint, brushes) formulates the task.Should wait until the children calm down and stop making noise - they have to clearly hear the voice of the teacher.

Signs of autumn

One of the options for jobs that may be offered to children four to five years in kindergarten.Observation on walks in the middle group brings substantial benefits: teach children to notice visible changes that have taken place in the nature, to build their own individual opinions about what they see and what they say.It is also an opportunity to share their opinions.Mentor group asks the question: "What, in your view, the signs of autumn?What good autumn, famous and remarkable? »

more or less prepared for the subject child will give reasonable answers and evidence.Walk in the middle group in the fall can be a wonderful journey, bring creative discoveries.One important point: training on the theme "Autumn" should be carried out in strict conformity of the year, otherwise disappear naturalness impressions.Children should be kept in the hands of the living material, live natural moments of joy.

Animal Life autumn

Observation on walks in the middle group not be limited to arguments about how the fall looks, because the world of fauna is also undergoing significant change.You can ask children about what they see animal life, remember to offer and list of animals and birds.The child is quite able to begin to talk about what squirrels, for example, preparing stocks for the winter, and the birds begin to fly away to warmer climes.Tutor during class should strongly support the aspirations of children to build a trough for the birds that remain to winter in the city, and to encourage them to learn more about the life of animals.

Autumn mood

Walk in the middle group in the fall must pass an orderly to children in an accessible form of a game can get the information you need to practice to learn some important things, convinced of their truth.That will help create a fabulous autumnal mood?Of course a cheerful dance of multi-colored leaves.Walk for the children of the middle group "Autumn time" must be accompanied by collecting leaves, pronouncing with any trees they are taken, identifying their distinctive features.

can give such a task: to make a beautiful bouquet.The leaves must necessarily be in harmony with each other and combined.When the children offer their own versions of bouquets, you should ask them: "What mood do you present that you feel when collecting the leaves?Share your experiences! »

« What happens in the fall? »

This simple task does not usually cause particular difficulties in children, and to answer questions about the changes in nature - a pleasure.Walk in the middle group in the autumn brings a truly unimaginable pleasure: how many interesting things about what an amazing phenomenon and colors spilled in nature!It would be logical to give the children paint and paper and voice task: to draw all that, in their opinion, it is in the fall.

Upon completion of the process of drawing in the hands of the educator will be amazing pictures that reflect the mood of autumn.Do not forget that each child has his own vision of what should be the autumn, so be sure to welcome the innovative thinking and original look.

«What can we rejoice in the fall?»

This unusual exercise promotes a positive view of things.We must make it clear to children that, despite the seasonal wilting flowers and grasses, autumn contains many positive points.Let each of the guys try to call his argument.The reasons can be many: in autumn is very beautiful, you can collect leaves and make a herbarium, someone in this time of year birthday.

Here is a card index that walks "Autumn".The middle group is focused age for active cognitive activity, constructed in a fun and interesting way.To bring class kids joy, teachers should move away from the traditional model of employment and focus on unconventional and original way.