Construction in the middle group in kindergarten

Construction in the middle group - work, where children learn to work with scissors, paper, cardboard, glue, creating various crafts.It is also expected to improve the acquired skills in other lessons, for example, the development of speech, drawing, music, logic, and the world around them.

Aims and objectives of activities on the construction

provider must set itself the task of not only teach children to perform certain actions, but also to realize their personal projects craft, carrying them out "worthless material", quite simply, out of the garbage and trash.That construction in the middle group of young creators opens up enormous scope for imagination, teaches kids to achieve their goals, to preserve and appreciate his and others' work.

Each lesson in kindergarten - this is like a trip into the magic world.And construction in the middle group in this regard is no exception.Therefore, activity should start with a short introduction, a sort of mini-performances in which should take part an

d children, answering questions of the teacher and actors miniature characters.Therefore language skills are utilized and logical thinking of children.Construction in the middle group can involve skills learned in music lessons when kids are asked to sing some unlearning previous song.

work with scissors, paper and glue

easiest material for children's creativity is paper.Children with almost a year of starting to build it their first masterpieces.With pleasure creates this material available, and the middle group.Construction paper - a separate section in the planning sessions on manual labor.

kids happily create crafts in the gift to your family.You can invite them to make a fun toy frog, distributing pre template details.The teacher should show the kids how the package is glued-body cute frog is attached legs, eyes, spots.You can give it to one lesson on design in the middle group of pictures "The frog eats a fly."

As you work, you can tell the kids a short tale about a sad frog frog who thought he was useless on the ground.

«And who knows what benefits bring the frog?" - To ask the teacher.And by showing the finished model of the craft, thereby to bring the children to answer: these amphibians destroying insects - mosquitoes and flies - that beset humans and animals.

Origami on manual labor

Another alternative employment with the paper - is folding of sheets of different figures.In addition to the mandatory display of all stages of manufacture of the product involves the construction of the circuit in the middle group, which the teacher teaches us to "read", that is understood.Each action step by step master class has its own serial number, follow one another.It is appropriate to offer the kids after the show prints circuits performing crafts with the confused course of action - let the children themselves arrows indicate that for what to do.

pencil holders of the cylinders of toilet paper

Well, if the plan design in the middle group includes work with objects that most people usually throw in the trash.For example, from the rolls of toilet paper are cardboard tubes, which can be easily turned into a merry rabbits papered them with colored paper and attaching them to their noses, ears, eyes and legs.In addition, these little things look very cute, they are comfortable to put pencils and pens.

Houses for shorties

After becoming acquainted with the work of Nikolay Nosov about the little people of the city can be scheduled Flower design "House."In the middle group, this activity may begin with the appearance of glove puppets Dunno.The words of a character appropriate to the pre-recorded on tape, so that the teacher did not have at the time of the replica baby open his mouth.

«Guys, hello!- Sad to say shorty.- Do you recognize me?Yes, I Dunno in Flower town.You probably remember that all short people do not live in separate houses, and several men in one room.It's not very comfortable.After Husain need to play music, and Tsvetik want at this time to write his poems.Znayka likes to read in the evenings his clever books and Avoska really wants to lay down to sleep early - it interferes with the light bulb.Shorty all quarreled over this! "And Dunno wipes his nose with a handkerchief, as if crying.

educator is to ask the children if they can help Shorty.And if you guys do not give a correct answer, it is appropriate to offer an adult, "Let's make them separate houses!Here, I just have an empty box of juice, maybe they will come in handy? »

Bird Feeders

I like guys to help someone in life, to do good deeds.Why not send them boundless energy in the right direction, and do not offer truly useful things?With great pleasure the kids will handicrafts bird feeders from the same cardboard boxes of milk or juice.

course, you need to beat the start of classes in design.For example, it will be interesting appearance of the lesson bird (the artist dressed up or toys) with a large letter in its beak.After reading the message, the children will learn that with the onset of cold weather the birds become extremely difficult to find food in the snow.

provider must at this point to have the children recall the lessons of the material world around them.Appropriate such leading questions:

  1. What birds fly away with the onset of cold in warm countries?
  2. Who are the remains of birds spend the winter with us?When
  3. fly bullfinches and why?
  4. Why feed birds in winter?
  5. What should be offered as a feathered feed?

Construction on a plan

Well, if the kids love to dream, to offer their own ideas.Then we can come up to offer their crafts.This can be a complex work on the draft of a new modern children's playground for the shorties.Let it be called the construction of "Kindergarten".

middle group is happy to take part in the manufacture of tiny furniture for their favorites.To create it, you can use different sizes of boxes or even cardboard or plastic disposable cups.

Construction of vegetables and scrap materials

This kind of creativity opens the way for imagination.What interesting things can be made even from potatoes!That stumbles into raw potatoes matches made from grapes eyes and nose of currant - and please, before you funny hedgehog.And if a couple of matches to fix the front circle of cheese or a slice of the same potatoes, make ears and eyes - that's already porosёnochek, clumsy and dirty.Better yet, replace broken spaghetti-match spaghetti - do not let the children touch the matches that they can take without asking, while adults will not be around.

kids happy master on employment of manual labor with vegetables characters from the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari "Cipollino" embody the themes of other fairy tales.Admirable volumetric composition of a fairy tale "Cinderella", where the coach really is made from pumpkin, and horses, rats - from potatoes.

Workshop production of bags of cardboard plates

Craft crafts, which will not be ashamed to present a gift to help design activity.In the middle group of kids can be encouraged to do great handbag from cardboard disposable plateaus in the form of a muzzle rabbit.For its manufacturing required three plates, two pieces of cotton, button nose, strap, or a beautiful rope, scissors and crayons.Bond details can glue or a stapler.

You must first cut the pattern mate bags and decorative rabbit ears.

then fastened to the ears of the whole plate.

now going full bag.Here you need to take care of the strap - it also need to reliably fix.

on the front of crafts glued cheeks of wool between them fasten a button-nose.Eyes can be made of paper, but you can just draw them felt-tip pen as well as the teeth.Here and ready to enjoy a favorite gift for mom!

Pasta turn into jewels

A luxurious look like products of conventional pasta!Of course, for beads and pendants seashells best paint in advance and thoroughly dried.But crafts decorated with a golden angel can be coated or silver paint directly from the can.

But most of all children is a pleasure to design a plan for the pasta by gluing them.This is like working with Lego, but already ready kit can only be connected in such a way that it was pre-planned and provided as an engineer.When working well with pasta imagination kid nobody puts obstacles.

And getting out of children's hands and remarkable fairy houses amazing vehicles, funny and kind and charming clearing aliens with strange flowers.