Hussar costume for a boy with his hands

When there is very little time before the New Year holidays, moms have to decide which dress the child will participate in many matinees.Hussar costume for a boy with his hands linked, to be the most desirable and memorable attire for the celebration.The main thing - the right to create a romantic, manly way and take into account the basic attributes of a hussar.

Preparation of material for making costume

Hussar uniforms consisted of several parts.The main ones were Mentik - cape with fur, dolman - short jacket, shako - a hat chikchiry - cavalry pants, boots - tight high boots.Before stitching hussar costume for a boy, you need to decide the details, prepare a monochromatic fabric red and black colors.From Mentik can be waived, since the child is uncomfortable and hot.You can also simplify the tailoring, reducing the ranks of the loop.The decoration chikchir can restrict stripes, excluding the presence of buttons.Accordingly, in order to make a costume, you will need 3-meter gold cord, 8 large bra

ss buttons fastening dolman and 16 smaller buttons that will decorate the ends of the loops.To create a quiver need cardboard.

sew hussar dolman

hussar costume for a boy to start a tailoring dolman.As a pattern you can take a denim jacket and a child, removing, circle the items on denim red.The collar dolman have to be standing.Gold braid sew in eight rows on the shelves, creating a loop on the left side, and the right to sew large buttons.They will be buttoned jacket.The ends of the loops to decorate the small buttons.Also, at the request of the cord back and cuffs decorated with dolman sleeves.

New hussar costume for a boy must have epaulets.Cutting shaped shoulder four parts.Two of them are duplicate.Sostrochite pairs details turn out, sew the hole a hidden seam.Attach the epaulets on the shoulders of the jacket, decorate the edge of the same gold cord.

sew hussar pants

What a hussar uniforms without chikchir?Trousers soldier should be narrow.You can remove the pattern from the underwear or tights, slightly increasing it.To create pants, take a cloth of black or dark blue, move the pattern pieces, cut.Then prostrochite from the wrong side and stepping side seams.On the front side of the draw string pants Hussar unit.On the sides and garnish leg stripes.Treat exposed edges, gum paste.

Create headdress

Costume Hussar for a boy must include spire.Before the manufacturer must make a pattern out of cardboard which subsequently serve as a skeleton.First, draw a rectangle, the long side of which corresponds to the circumference of the baby's head.Combine 1 cm for a loose fit and 2 cm from one short side to connect the item.The top of the front cylinder quiver a bit overpriced.To create the appearance of peaks, divide the length of the rectangle in half, mid-lift up to 5 cm.Connect to get the point vertices sides.Next, glue the joints on the cylinder head.To make the top headdress enclose a rectangular pattern of the part to house the tip, to a piece of cardboard and draw a marker.To the oval add 2 cm allowance, cut the pattern, make the notch.In the future allowance will have to bend and inserting inside, glued to the cylinder.Shako can sheathe black cloth.Cut out the same parts that were manufactured for the frame.The peak shape in the form of a crescent.Allowances glue pattern on the inside of the cylinder.And also obsheyte his black cloth.

Next headdress decorated with gold cord with tassels, which should be at the front of the shako and freely crossing from left to right, hang on the shoulder.At the top of the cylinder, attach the Sultan.Produce can be of cocktail tubes pasted fur.

hussar costume for a boy to be easy to wear, and not overloaded attributes.Additional accessories can be a sword, hussar bag spurs.Your little soldiers ready.The dress, sewn my mother's hands, he will cause the respect and catch admiring glances on any festival or carnival.