Golden retriever.

Everyone knows the saying that goes, the dog - a friend of man.However, those who are going to buy a pet, once there is a lot of different issues, chief among them: "What kind of breed is better to pay attention to?"In this article we will talk about who the golden retrievers: all about the species and content of such dogs.


story about the breed is best to start with the history of these dogs.So, it should be said that there is a legendary (unconfirmed) and the official version, for which studies have dog handlers through the world level.So, in the first version of a golden retriever was bought by a circus Tvidmautom English lord in the second half of the 19th century.He was so struck by the intelligence of these animals that he decided to get them urgently.Arriving home, the mansion near all the famous Loch Ness, the Lord began to tell people that these dogs are descended from sheepdogs - the smartest animals.It is worth mentioning that an article with a similar meaning was also published

in the local newspaper "Rural Life".Why Lord needed so unusual story - is not entirely clear.However, we can conclude that due to such tales Tvidmautu managed to draw attention to this breed and golden retriever puppies interested nobles, giving the chance to get rich in the Lord their breeding.

official version

Location really happened breed golden retriever, tell the world canine Elma Stoneks, interested in these information and did not believe in a "circus" version.Having examined the documents, letters, she concluded that breeding of doing well grandnephew Tvidmauta.Lord bought a puppy beautiful golden color of the shoemaker from the city of Brighton.A little chat with the animals, and gave him the name of Nous, which is translated from the Celtic language means "wisdom."This dog was tied with tea-colored spaniel.It follows from this pedigree golden (or golden) retirivera.It would be interesting, and the fact that the Lord also Tvidmaut retriever crossed with a Bloodhound and Irish setters, culling after mating puppies dark, leaving only golden.


How looks like a golden retriever?The first is to say that these dogs perfectly folded: everything in proportion to their body.At the same time they are active, cheerful and always friendly, to say what they think.The muzzle of the dog is not sharp, rather broad and deep, as it were, but not massive, clearly visible transition from forehead to nose.It is also important to pay attention to the dog eyes they should be browned with same rim.Jaws are strong by nature, always with a scissor bite, teeth are large (this is important, because a breed of hunting).Chest of this dog quite powerful, well-sprung ribs, back straight and the croup and tail as if to form its continuation.As for the feet, they are muscular and strong.Elbows forelegs close to the body, laid back shoulder blade.This is important, due to which the dog will be able to perform well in its primary function - the hunter.With regard to size, the Golden Retriever (male) reaches about 56-61 cm at the withers, the bitch on average less than 5 cm.


As for the hair, it can be both direct and slightly wavy.The undercoat is dense, thick, which gives the effect of impermeability.Interesting would be the next point: the dog around the neck should be like a mane, a long coat, which gives a good-natured dog muzzle expression, which is so valued in the breed.In what colors should be painted with a golden retriever?For example, American Standard does not allow dogs had a different color, in addition to rich gold.The English version allows for the presence of a pale colors.However, the color of the dog does not have to be red, mahogany, dark-gold or even black.


How has the nature of a golden retriever?Reviews you can hear only positive.And it is unlikely someone will be able to find someone who would be dissatisfied with the communication with representatives of the breed.With regard to relations with the people, these dogs are completely chelovekoorientirovany.They are 100% committed to their owner, all the while expressing his love and favor.That this was the reason that these animals as hunters is practically not used.Golden retriever the plant as friends, companions, guide dogs, helpers.Interesting would be the fact that these dogs - leaders in working with people (including children) who require zootherapy.They are able to just his presence to relieve stress, soothe and even eliminate human aggression.Dogs of this breed perfectly feel the mood of the people.They know when someone is crying, trying to calm him down, or even to cheer.These animals never shows his teeth and growl at a person, even a stranger, so it is better not to take as security guards.Maximum friendly golden retrievers and other animals: they apply to all their love, can long endure attacks dogs of other breeds.However, the "lead" them all you can, and then the dog will give full resistance, showing his power in all its glory.These dogs will always be next to a man, they are always accompanied by the possibility of his master, happy to get acquainted not only with different people, but also animals.Such a dog without a problem play with children in the ball, but in the right situation, he is able to save even a person without anyone's command.Representatives of this breed perfectly assess the situation and find a solution quickly.


is important, and the next moment: Dog golden retriever great to train, it is a very docile animal.In addition, representatives of the breed always want to be useful to man.So often bring their owners teach different subjects.With a great sense of smell and easily succumbing to taming, often members of this breed are used by customs, police, airports to search for weapons or drugs.


Next nuance, which is important to find out: Does the special care dog breed golden retriever.Keeping these animals may be in the house or apartment.However, it is not recommended to leave the dog alone often or put on the chain - the ability to "kill" the animal psyche.An interesting feature of this breed would be the following fact: the dog does not choose one family member, who must deal with training and care, he resolves to do it all without exception.Puppies golden retriever from childhood must be trained daily routine: power on hours, compulsory hygiene.In this case, an adult dog will not be problems at all.Particularly noteworthy are the dog's eyes.The owner of them should be monitored closely, to wash, to clean after walking.If the dog from time to time appear purulent discharge from the eyes, it can be a signal to the fact that he or worms, or even distemper.Such an alignment of events should not be allowed to drift.Ears need to clean them as often as once a week, the ear swab soaked in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.With regard to water treatment, the dog can be washed 2-3 times a year (if not a requirement).Shampoos need to choose occupations that are not clean, and protective layer does not dry their skin.But combed breed golden retriever loves, and it is desirable to do it every day.For wool - the main thing dignity of the breed.Dogs must be cut a special hairdresser, only in this case will be a haircut is not visible, it is obtained from nature.


It is important that puppies require training a golden retriever from the very young age.Although this is a very smart dog, you can not all ride.The dog should at least know three simple commands: "Ugh!", "To me" and "Next".However, it is better not to be limited, because the animal can be trained fristaylingu (dancing with dogs), Agility (something like a steeplechase), taming circus.With representatives of the breed can be put theatrical performances, performing at events of different levels.

How to choose a puppy

How to choose a puppy of this breed?I do not think that it is enough only a glance at the golden color of the dog.To purchase truly representative of the breed, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. find out whether there is in this city breeders of this breed.You can talk with little dogs, look at their behavior.
  2. to come to a local kennel club and find out when the next mating and whether there is opportunity to be in line for a puppy (puppies there for show - a special category, more expensive, and there are - for the soul).
  3. If in his hometown no such organization, you can find out where the nearest center is, with friends or through the press, and to go there.
  4. Before you buy, if you can, you need to look at the parents of the puppy learn ancestry.However, this does not guarantee that the dog is perfect, everything depends on upbringing.

Types puppies

Do not confuse these breeds like Labrador, Golden Retriever.They are different, though they are both dog friendly, human-oriented.It is worth recalling that in this article we are talking about the Golden retiriverah.So, there are three types of puppies of this breed:

  1. champions.These dogs are buying specifically to participate with them in various exhibitions.It is said that this is not just hard work, but also a very costly affair.It would be interesting information that these dogs are not sold every man and, despite the presence of tight purse.
  2. thoroughbreds.This puppy who bought specifically for the breeding of this breed.They are also very expensive.
  3. Pets.That is to say, from a litter illiquid.However, it is still worthy representatives of the breed.These dogs are great friends, and full members of the families of their masters.

male or female?

How are puppies golden retriever?Photography, presented in the article demonstrated that.However, it should be said that in a small age difference between the sexes is practically no.In adulthood, girls less than boys.The bitch is good buy if there are children in the house: it will become a full-fledged nurse them, even allowing themselves to pull the ears and whiskers.Dogs Retrievers and friendly, may differ only more spectacular looks and masculine character.


And how much is a golden retriever?The price of the representatives of the breed can vary depending on the following factors:

  • pedigree;
  • titulovannosti;
  • prospects (exhibitions and shows).

is noteworthy that in the same litter can be puppies show class breed class (suitable for cultivation) and pet-class (ie. E. Pets).It is depending on it and is in many ways a golden retriever.Price, however, these representatives of the breed is unlikely to be less than $ 500.