Irish Setter: photo and description of rock

Noble handsome man with the royal story, intelligent and piercing eyes - this dog fascinates even those people who have never experienced the sympathy and love for the other person.Irish Setter - a dog that combines aristocratic elegance, independence, and extremely friendly and cheerful disposition.

From the history of the breed

origin of the name of this breed comes from the English word «set».In the language of hunters, it means "to make a stand, stand still."Dog Irish Setter, or as it is called, the Irish Setter appeared, as is clear in Ireland.As an independent breed was formed in the early 19th century.

in Russia Setter was brought quite quickly, but did not become popular.All because of - rather complicated.Unlike other hunting dogs, he resisted poorly trained, and besides, was very naughty.

It was not long, and Russian dog breeders noticed the dog and tried to improve its quality.Their work was a success, and the result we see today.


Hunting Dog Breeds Irish Setter bred to hun

t feathered game.The animal is very energetic, with a strong hunting instinct.His manner of the search - quick gallop.Great flexibility and unmatched flair allow the use of the dog in different hunting grounds.Setter with equal pleasure aportiruet game not only on land but also in water.


This affectionate and cheerful dog that loves people - adults and especially children.Excellent deals with other pets.Setter intelligent and perceptive.It is extremely tied to its owner, and to all who live in the house.Sometimes it is capricious, but the docile and friendly.Completely devoid of aggressiveness.On the walk is very active, curious, playful.

Irish Setter (photo you can see in this article) barks little.It features superb sense of smell.Ideal contain such a pet in a country house, but it is easy to adapt to life in the city, if the dog will regularly receive the necessary physical exercise and plenty opportunity to run without a leash.Irish Setter can not normally live in a small city apartment - too active.


Irish Setter, whose photos adorn the cover often special editions of dog breeding - graceful and beautiful dog of large size.It is proportional to the built, has a high counter.Growth of males - within 67 cm, females slightly smaller - up to 62 cm. Weight can fluctuate from 27 to 32 kg.

Dog Irish Setter has a small head.Eyes close together.The ears are soft, large, hanging.The body is elongated, strong long legs, while moving to develop a high speed.

Wool is thick, tough, long.No undercoat.Color often dark or light red with a red tinge, chestnut.Standard allows white patches on the throat, chest or toes.In addition, it permitted a small star on forehead or face.

Training and education

Irish setter needs constant, hard, but soft training.This work is complex, not only for the owner of the dog, but also for his pet.As noted earlier, this being superactive.Often, it is difficult even to sit still and listen to the owner.In order to exercise was a success, learn to articulate their team, without raising his voice to his favorite, and in case of disobedience, not to punish him.Only then will your efforts be crowned with success.

Setter all the teams will perform accurately when taming will be gradual and consistent.Teach your dog should start with simple commands "sit", "me", "walk".Each of them should be taught separately, until the dog learns it is not.Once the command is mastered, you can proceed to the next study, complicate the class, combining the known tasks and adding something new.Setters happy to execute any commands that require their active running, speed, movement.Dog training which was given a lot of time, it is a hardy and industrious companion in the hunt.It is characterized by a quick search, however, is not so rapid as that of the English Setter.


Irish Setter eats little, but the diet should be varied and balanced.The adult animal is happy to consume cereals, vegetables, meat.In winter, the dog's diet is necessary to include a little bit of fish oil.

in their culinary preferences, he is not much different from other dogs - loves meat, but at the same time and will not give up on the pasta.Irish Setter quite satisfied with boiled fish (preferably sea), but should definitely check that it had no bones.They can cause serious injury of the esophagus, and in this case can not do without the assistance of a veterinarian.Irish Setter unpretentious to feed, but the owners of these dogs must remember that they absolutely can not overfeed.In addition, it is necessary to provide the animal free access to water.

Setter exposed to intestinal diseases and disorders, so the diet of its need to eliminate fatty, fried and spicy foods.


In general, it is quite healthy and robust breed.But, as in all other setter, the Irish have their "weakness".In this regard it should allocate its sensitivity to liver cholesterol and various toxins.In addition, it should be noted setters predisposition to diseases of ears, due to their fold.

more often than other dogs, setters have found intestinal obstruction.Therefore, after feeding them can not give strenuous exercise.Owners setters must be familiar with first aid methods in this disease, and the address of a nearby veterinary clinic where you can get around the clock professional assistance.

purchasing a puppy, pay attention to the availability of the necessary vaccinations for the age of the animal.

Care and maintenance

setter is very important to walk in the fresh air.It needs active play, freedom of movement.To walk your pet must be at least two times a day, and walk should last at least 1.5 hours.

Wool is necessary to comb out twice a week, in order to avoid the appearance of lumps that will disturb a dog, besides it is very spoils the appearance.

Setter requires regular, but not frequent bathing.Ideally - this once a month.Exceptions may be made in rainy weather, when it's dirty.In this case, the dogs require washing after each outing.To bring your pet into the house less dirt, it needs to be shortened from time to time between the paws wool.It is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of a place to sleep, the animal dishes.On the issue of vaccination, consult your veterinarian.He will advise you what your pet needs vitamins.

Do not forget about the regular visits to the clinic for checkups.Inexperienced owner may not notice any change in the status of your pet, so you may miss the beginning of a serious illness.

Irish red and white setter

affectionate and funny dog ​​with a memorable color, shiny and luxurious hair careful look intelligent eyes.Great hunter, a very neat at home.Along with the advantages, about which you can talk endlessly, the setter has small flaws.This is a very emotional dog.They suffer extremely painful loneliness.They do not like to "communicate" with large and aggressive dogs.If most of the day you are not at home, you do not have a setter.He will suffer greatly, it may even get sick because of this.

Puppy Irish Setter

making such an important decision, the future owner should remember that life within the four walls is detrimental to the physical and psychological health of a dog.Irish Setter does not require complex care, and does not cause serious problems to the owner.If you want to have a four-legged friend Irishman, then do not buy a puppy on the market or have random people.It is much more correct to refer to a reliable nursery or to large breeders.

For example, the well-known Moscow kennel kennel "Irish Setter MOOiR" is engaged in breeding dogs of this breed beloved by many for over 50 years."Pupils' nursery - champions of numerous exhibitions and field competitions.All manufacturers are tested at a testing station MOOiR and entered in the stud book of Russia.Famous Irish Setters nursery holds regular exhibitions and field trials.

Puppies from MOOiR have RKF and POPC.They are distinguished by magnificent exterior.In addition, they are well trained, courteous, they ask on the street.Puppies have all required immunizations for their age, brand, veterinary passport.

Irish Setter - reviews of the owners

laudatory words about these animals in abundance.Most owners (not hunter) noted a rapid learning of their pets, their friendliness and an extraordinary affection for the owner, as well as to all the inhabitants of the house.Especially it is necessary to dwell on setters against children.It can be called a tremulous and tender.Just look at their game with very young children.Setter can endlessly run, jump, but never, even accidentally, will not hurt the child, do not drop it.

Setter Loving - these dogs really like to be petted, they just need attention.Many owners in awe of the incredible cleanliness of the dog - he will not eat from dirty dishes or sleep on a dirty rug.

not less Setter earned rave reviews and hunters.It easily learns all the tricks.Good game delivers, possesses a real hunting passion.

Some owners have negative qualities of the breed include her restless nature.However, we have talked about this in our article.The dog needs space and exercise, then its energy will be directed in the right direction.

Irish Setter - a wonderful hunting dog that gets the job done qualitatively.However, today the ability to use it not so often, and setter today turns into a dog-companion.In this capacity, he is perfect for singles, couples and families with children.This is due not only to its stable psyche, but also kindness and sensitivity that did not allow him to harm a person.For the same reason it can not be used as a security guard.