Manicure for short nails: as it can be

Is it possible to make attractive and beautiful manicure for short nails?Let's take a closer look at the opportunities offered by such a manicure.Most girls and women, convinced that the pretty and beautiful nails can only be considered long.However, very often because of their home or professional activities, many women are difficult to afford to grow long nails.It is important to understand that the most important thing is not the length of the nail, and how they are groomed and neat.Manicure for short nails can look just as feminine as a manicure for long, but provided constant care.If you want your nails constantly look beautiful and attractive, just regularly carry out simple guidelines for care, then we can achieve remarkable results.

important to remember that the nails become more brittle, if their shear scissors.It is worth to take it a rule to file from time to time, then they will get a healthy look and beautiful form.Remove the cuticle, using special tools, scissors or some special chemica

ls.This will make the nail plate visually longer.If polishing it with special tools, it will become an attractive natural shine.After these simple steps, you can make a beautiful manicure for short nails.

final stage is the direct application of lacquer on the nail plate.The first layer is to use a special base or foundation strengthening varnish.Now you can give your nails any color.Manicure for short nails look beautiful and amazing, if you use dark or bright colors.But many women are simply afraid of color experiments.The only condition under which you can expect to achieve a perfect result, the shape of nails is perfect and the same length.If you have doubts about the fact that you yourself will be able to create a form, you should seek professional help, and then just stick with it.So you will be able to constantly maintain your manicure beautiful.Design for short nails will allow to achieve attractive results when skilful approach.If the shape of your nail plate wrong, then when the manicure is to portray parallel to the side lines.This can be achieved with the help of a competent selection of nail colors and layout pattern.It is possible to use very simple rules.

Manicure for short nails, some secrets

Proper use of light and dark tones of lacquer ensures that you can hide irregular shape short nails.Light colors make it possible to achieve visual increasing, and by the use of dark colors can make the nail less.For example, when the nail is greatly narrows towards the free edge, the base should use lacquer darker tone, and at the end make the transition to a lighter.If the nail plate on the contrary extends to the free edge, it is necessary to do so: at the bottom put a lighter tone, and the free edge - darker.The most suitable option in case we are dealing with a nail plate of irregular shape, it is to make a drawing on nails with parallel vertical lines.This version of the design slightly divert attention.

From all the above, you should already be clear that you can make a delicious and manicure nails short enough to stick to very simple rules.