Nail design: tunic jacket and types

Nails Design French, or French manicure, to a certain extent is considered a classic in design accrued gel nails, it looks very stylish, and so many like it.It is relevant at any time of the year and regardless of the fashion trends, there does not matter even the age of the woman.This type of nail polish is perfect for any occasion, whether corporate or wedding, and make it possible to representatives of any contingent from ordinary students to advanced business woman, that is, this kind of nail decoration can be considered as one of the universal.In modern society, jacket design is so established that it is based was invented and implemented by an infinite number of variations, so if you want to decorate your nails with something unusual, there is a huge variety of options for using and special colors, and innovative materials,however, the basic trademark is considered to be a smile, shown at the tip of the nail.

Nail Design french helps to make the right choice

If you have the desire to change so

mething in your manicure, but you do not know which version of a variety of different designs to choose, you can help is the French manicure.Allowed to make a little accent on any nuance, that is, to show your manicure to what event it was made, and you can not do.In order to clearly imagine the richness of choice, you might consider some kind of tunic that are most common.

Nails: French classic design

It is the most versatile type of tunic.It is difficult to imagine a girl or woman who does not know what he looks like.Pale pink color, which is covered by the nail plate, very similar to the natural and pure white, which is coated with regrown nail tip.Around the world, a manicure won the attention of women.

design french color nail

course, French - it is good, however, it is that he was very tired and I want to do something unusual.There is a wonderful solution.You can not make a white nail tip and replace it with any other color.It can be matched to the specific clothing or accessory.

Nail Design french millennium

This design option involves applying to the free edge of the nail shimmering sequins or gel-based glitter.These nails are very fond of making those who often go to discos and nightclubs, because there they shine with all the colors.The material, which was used in the design, will reflect and refract the incident light, giving a lot of emotions derived from the beautiful iridescence.

What else could be the design of his tunic?For example, a fan jacket.In this case, fantasy can roam vengeance and to show their limitless facets.Here are allowed to decorate the tip of the nail foil, dry leaves, dried flowers and more.These materials may be used alone or in combination with each other.Mixed or custom jacket implies the use of such methods as changing the length, shape and location of a smile on the nail.Here are allowed to do it straight, rounded or beveled more, sawtooth, sloping, shaded, with a sort of continuation of the design.

All other French manicure can be considered as derivatives of the species listed above.The most advantageous option is a classic among the many French, as it is appropriate in the office and on some special occasions.White nail tips just draw everyone's attention, show how well maintained your hands.

If you have not yet decided what kind of design you like best, you can do to start is a classic, and then imagine something else that you can create.