Accountant Day: the number of this holiday?

probably no better known in society profession than an accountant.Without the services of this expert does not do any business.Painstaking work with numbers, communication with the tax inspection and counting of revenues and expenditure of the company - with the work the strength to cope not all.And naturally because there was such a holiday as the Day of Accountant.

What number should look to the office and to congratulate employees and calculator program with 1?

As it turned out, festivals dedicated to this profession in the calendar a lot.For example, there are separate: Day of Russian accountants, accountant Day of Ukraine, Kazakh Accounting Day is also celebrated separately.

And do not forget that the international holiday of workers in this sector, too, has its own mark on the calendar.Although that go far in a series of dates there is even an accountant Day of the Krasnoyarsk Territory - apparently local experts highlighted something special among his colleagues across the country.

And to understand all the intricacies of these?

to start to find out what day of the International Accounting.Despite the fact that many countries have their own national holiday of workers of this specialty in the world for a long time there is a need to select a single date to celebrate a triumph.And it established the International Day accountant.What date it is celebrated?Choosing the date was due to historical events.

reason for the choice was the scientific work of known Italian scientist Luke Pachchioli in the late XV century.She is known to within a day of the week - it was November 10, 1494.What is so remarkable this work?In his book, Luke Pachchioli reveals the basic tenets of the accounting profession.In particular, this separate chapter, although the treatise summarizes all known mathematical knowledge.Pachchioli described in detail in Accounting in Venice at the time.

was his authorship belongs to postulate that became the basis for the activities of all members of the profession: a good accountant will stay up until you will reduce the debit with the credit.For these services he was famous among his contemporaries, and among children.This is eloquently demonstrated by the fact that his book has been printed on the machine, even though printing was invented only 50 years earlier.A confirmation of gratitude of our contemporaries was that on the day of his work we now celebrate the Day of Accountant.What date is to be done?The date was chosen on November 10 and now this day is known around the world.


However, there is also the Day of the Russian accountant.What date is celebrated this event?According to the decision of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation of the UPS, it is scheduled for November 21 and is marked accordingly.In this day of special events at the state level is not carried out - after all, this date has not been approved at the federal level.

But Accountant Day 2013 was marked by widespread party devoted to the profession, as well as rapid celebrating its representatives in places of entertainment in the country.