Harvest Festival: what kind of celebration?

Agriculture - one of the oldest branches of human activity.Without his achievements we all still be interrupted by gathering and hunting, and who knows what consequences this could bring modern civilization.And collect an annual harvest is a guarantee that in winter people will not suffer from hunger, and developed agriculture helps the economy by implementing this crop surplus to other countries.

Therefore, the notion of the harvest is revered and deified in many cultures since ancient times.In order to express his gratitude to nature, the universe or deity, in many nations there are special celebrations such as a harvest festival.

The most famous of these events is considered to be a Celtic Samhain, celebrated on November 1st.By and large, it is not quite a harvest festival - it's the first day of the new year, the veneration of the dead.But it so happened that just ended November 1 Celts collected from fields grown and began to divide it between the inhabitants of the community.On this day the

cattle were divided on the one that was able to survive the winter cold, and one you should kill.And, actually, making stocks of meat is also on this day.


in European Christian culture, there is also a harvest festival.It is celebrated on September 29, the day of St. Michael.By this time usually end with all the field work, and the bread is already removed in the bins.This holiday is considered to be an indication that people are ready for the winter, and a new cycle, and the next year are ready reserves.But the Eastern Slavs have a separate harvest festival - Oseniny that are celebrated on 21 September.

Ukraine Ukraine is traditionally an event such as the completion of works in the field and in general, the end of the growing season, to coincide with a religious holiday - Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.In the Ukrainian language, this holiday is called "Friend Precista," and he also noted on 21 September.Virgin in the Ukrainian culture considered the patroness of the family, crop farming and motherhood.


In the United States as a separate feast day of the harvest available.It replaces the Thanksgiving Day - one of the most revered this nation.It is associated with the harvest directly.Starve the first inhabitants who came to the continent in 1620, the local Sioux Indians brought food and seeds in the winter as a pledge of friendship.In the spring they also helped survivors to plant them and Europeans get the first, unexpectedly rich harvest.At the gala dinner, dedicated to this event, I was invited to many Indians.And since then, the friendship between them and the settlers began to get stronger.But on this day there was a holiday, Thanksgiving Day, which celebrates the richness of the fruits of the American land, fertility and prosperity.It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November since 1621.


Theoretically Day holiday harvest in Russia, there too, but it is celebrated as the Nativity of the Virgin.This celebration is dedicated to family well-being and harvesting.For all that the local people raised, and thanked the Virgin honored.It is believed that it protects agriculture and family, especially mothers.In the old style, this holiday falls on September 8, and the new - the twenty-first.On the night of the day we started "zamolotki", and set fire to the "new" fire, which was mined by friction.This ritual is characteristic of the Russian provinces in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

This holiday is our nation meets fun - singing and dancing.Also organized a large meal.On the table there is a lot of dishes.There Kutya cereals the new harvest, bread and cheese.

Conclusion There is still a harvest festival in many countries.He may be called differently, carry a different traditions.But while it is one of celebration - usually late summer or early autumn, the end of the work in the field, and we can sum up the season and calculate the harvest.