International Day of Disabled Persons: event

International Day of Disabled celebrated on December 3rd.As sad statistics, approximately 10% of the world's population is suffering from a disease that led to the disability, and almost 650 million people.The purpose of Day of Disabled Persons is to draw public attention to the existing problem, to maintain the dignity of people, their rights and welfare.This day was the computerization of the population, aimed at raising awareness of the benefits that can bring the integration of people with disabilities in various aspects of life.

role of the United Nations

Unfortunately, most people with disabilities are still facing problems that prevent their full participation in public life, which forces them to be virtually isolated from society.In developing countries, people with disabilities are often denied basic human rights to food, medical care, education, employment and reproductive health.In this regard, the UN activities aimed at ensuring the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities: t

heir participation in political, civil, social, economic and cultural life on equal terms with other citizens of the state.International Day of Disabled Persons - it is a day when there is a reason to say about the problem publicly.Currently there is an international legal instrument, whose mission - to ensure the empowerment of people with disabilities in their interests.This document is called the "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities."

how to conduct the International Day of Disabled Persons

To ensure the focus on unconventional and incentive measures aimed at the implementation of international standards and norms for persons with disabilities to participate in a day of disability involved, both governmental and non-governmental organizations with the obligatory participation of the privatesector.The main activities may be debates, forums and information campaigns before and directly at the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.Events solemn character can be planned and organized in different places.Basically, they are designed to showcase and highlight the contribution of people with disabilities in social life.


As part of the observance of the Day will focus all the attention, including on the practical measures that will improve the effectiveness of compliance with the norms and standards for people with disabilities.

particularly important contribution can the media, which are instrumental to hold International Day of Disabled maximum computerization of all population groups.But as a rule, the media inform us about this problem year round, covering the most vital issues and their solutions.For example, the International Day of Disabled Persons 2013 International Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced the opening of access to the center of the UN in its headquarters, which means yet another step towards a society for people with disabilities.