Day Gazovik - what holiday?

Day Gazovik - is perhaps the most celebrated holiday in Russia.Compare with it may, perhaps, only triumph of the builders and metallurgists.Almost 30% of our economy is tied to this product.

important to know

the first Sunday of the fall on the orders of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR approved a new professional holiday, namely the Day of workers of oil, gas and fuel industry, now called abbreviated Oilmen's Day or how it might have guessed, Day Gazovik.It also adopted in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries once the Soviet Union existed.

In Russia it is celebrated the people who devoted his life to the development of deposits of pure natural oil and related substances, their production and creation of the equipment used in the process of finding these minerals.It is up to them, for the most part depends on the welfare of the whole of Russia.

Gazovik Day in 2013 coincides with another holiday - the Day of Knowledge, and the older generation with the younger marked his shift.In m

any cities, school students prepared a concert for the professionals of the uneasy case.


In Russia, the most intensively developing now and the oil and gas industry.Mining companies usually are not fixated on any one thing.Continuing to innovate in the process, as well as in equipment.Improved methods of transport and distillation of these minerals.Almost twenty percent of the population of working age is somehow related to this industry.Therefore Day Gazovik fully deserved respectful and honorable attitude.Undoubtedly, everyone will agree that it is currently impossible to imagine life if removed from it all the advantages that gives us the oil.

Congratulations on this holiday in a hurry to say not only the closest people, and even the state.Every year, the Russian president wants to specialists in the field of health and every success.It is also usually big concert dedicated to this celebration.If your relatives are related to their professional activities on this holiday, then you may well come up with for their original greetings.You can even use it in what some artists who will create a cheerful mood for the whole family Day Gazovik.The date of this holiday is not constant, t. To. The red numbers in a separate calendar for him there, but the first Sunday in autumn him fixed.


you can arrange a real holiday, inviting singers and dancers or arranging theme parties, such as in gangster style.But that did not work out of control and everything went like clockwork, you need to prepare in advance and write the script of the event.

the Day Gazovik you can hold competitions, such as beating them, and associated with this holiday.Prizes worth pondering in advance, just as props.News event can you or invite this professional.