A witness at the wedding, its role and responsibilities

Perhaps the most important persons in the wedding party after the bride and groom are witnesses who are close to the newlyweds throughout the holiday.Especially troublesome, but also very honorable and pleasant is the role of the witness at the wedding.

Responsibilities have many witnesses, so it would be a good idea to shift some of their other friends of the bride and her relatives.Proceed to carry out their tasks should be a witness at the wedding long before the celebration.For example, its duty is to assist in the selection of attire for the bride, as well as in the preparation of wedding events.Of course, one does not require a bridesmaid, so she shouldered all the organizational issues.Its mission - to morally support his girlfriend, which is certainly very nervous before his wedding.

Just witness the wedding is responsible for the organization of the pre-wedding events like bachelorette party.We must try to the event was relaxed and fun as a good bachelorette party the bride will break fr

om the pre-wedding worries and get rid of excessive excitement.

lies on the shoulders of the witness and the preparation of such a fun wedding moment as ransom.There will have to try to have passed the test for the groom fun and provocatively.Pick up contests and tasks to be witness at the wedding in such a way that the entire redemption took no more than thirty minutes.Excessive redemption of annoying and tiring of the bride and brings boredom guests.

rehearsal day in the witness need to carefully prepare her purse, that there was everything you need to be able to fix any trouble.The standard set includes: a thread (white) with a needle, several bulavochek, hairpins, invisible, comb, mirror, towels (wet and dry), powder and lipstick or lip gloss.This kind of set of "emergency" will quickly lead outfit or makeup of the bride in order in the event of complex emergencies.

On the day of the triumph of the witness at the wedding of the bride comes first, to help a friend with the clothes and hairstyle.When the drive up the bride, witness carries a ransom, drawing on the help of other friends of the bride.

Before going to the registry office, the witness must be checked, not forgotten you passport in a hurry honeymooners, wedding rings, champagne, glasses and other stuff.And after the end of the registration process, when all the guests will congratulate the young couple, the witnesses must be ready to help the bride time to "get rid" of flowers which she will give congratulations.

When the couple out of the room, they are usually showered with rose petals, candies and coins.This event will also have to prepare witnesses in advance distributing guests props and "building" them so as to form a corridor.It is important to explain to the guests that you need to throw up flower petals and coins and sweets - under the feet of the young.

not have to witness and relax during the banquet.It must make sure that all the guests were placed at the tables, as well as, help the bride to accept gifts, arranging a place where it would be possible to temporarily lay down their wedding gifts.

course, will need to prepare for a wedding congratulations by the witness, to be sincere, warm and original.It is mandatory and the participation of witnesses in different competitions and games organized by toastmaster.End duty of witnesses only after all the wedding celebrations.

In the pre-wedding bustle of the witness need to find time to prepare for themselves a decent outfit.The dress (or suit) should be rather elegant, but in any case not seek to compete with the bride's toilet.