Wishes and congratulations wedding anniversary with her husband

congratulating their loved ones of people with their holidays, especially on the anniversary are often faced with many complex issues.Then I need some advice about a good and necessary gift, not just gadgets that will not apply.Besides, almost always difficult to choose a gift, especially a gift to her husband on their wedding anniversary.I do not want to be trite and give perfume or a tie, for this there are other holidays.Wedding Anniversary - especial date.Each year, you can wrap up, to enjoy that love only increases and strengthens relationships.The best option - is to come up with an unusual greeting her husband with a wedding anniversary.

At first glance, men and women are much more indifferent are the congratulations quite calmly.They will be happy, even a delicious dinner and quiet evening, they do not need the romance, but, nevertheless, received similar, they are happy.Come up with her husband congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding is not as easy as it seems.We will tell you wha

t my husband congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding is better to prepare and how to surprise.

Congratulations wedding anniversary with her husband in the first year.The first anniversary is called a calico.This material is versatile, practical, so you can buy any thing made out of it.On the first anniversary, you can invite witnesses and parents to spend an evening in the restaurant, to recognize each other in love.If you want to surprise her husband, only to buy a ticket for two to warmer climes - another honeymoon is guaranteed.

Congratulations on a paper wedding.On paper wedding can give her husband's wallet, business card or a diary, then, that the paper is folded.Spend this anniversary together, go to the movies or take a stroll through the park, you can arrange a romantic dinner with candles, but no hassles on this day is not necessary.

four years of marriage.This anniversary is called linen, so gave her husband a shirt made of linen, it is useful and pleasant to the body.Another option - linen bedding.Cover the it and spend all day lounging in bed, drink champagne and watch romantic comedies - this day you will be remembered for a long time.

five years - a wooden wedding.This is your first anniversary, prepare carefully.Many couples get married on this anniversary, so you can buy her husband a new wedding ring or a watch, saying at the same time that you do not notice how time flies with him.

Thirteen years - lace wedding.This anniversary has a gentle name, spend your holiday it to match.On the anniversary of the lace is best to go on a journey.This trip will change the feeling again fall in love and get to know each other with new faces.

Fourteen years - agate wedding.This is a major milestone, so you can choose a more expensive gift: jewelry, accessory, novelty technology.Agate anniversary is best done at home can be with friends and family.On this anniversary to drink white wine, to speak words of love and remember your wedding day.

Congratulations to fifteen years, crystal wedding.This anniversary is particularly valuable, because many couples do not get to it.Crystal is very fragile material, as well as the relationship, so be very careful and gentle to her husband.On this anniversary of a couple must congratulate the witnesses, and it is an excellent opportunity to meet.

Congratulations to the silver wedding of her husband, who is twenty-five years of living next to you, to be remembered for a long time.This anniversary is very valuable, because the couple have been together for half a lifetime.Make a special gift and arrange a real triumph.You may recall wedding traditions, invited guests, put on a white dress and a suit.On the silver wedding give silver jewelry or cutlery items.You can also go on a trip to visit the old Europe (or skip to the sea), forget about troubles and problems, to return to the young and carefree.