25 years of marriage - is a serious figure

Few people today, there is a question about what the wedding '25 celebrated life together.This date is very common, is constantly on the ear.Silver wedding - this is an important milestone, which reach almost all truly loving couples, so these things and want to celebrate a special event for all the rules, but without a hitch.

If a dip in the tradition, it will pop up a lot of good, and good practices, which are made for 25 years of wedding.It is worth to highlight the brightest and most valuable from a spiritual point of view.

Wedding Anniversary 25 years should start with the first kiss.This kiss seemed to begin a new life together on the way to the next very important event - the Golden wedding.This touching token represents the most tender feelings, which persisted even after 25 years of marriage.A light touch or a passionate kiss, but let it be reflected impulsive rush.Take a look at your partner and see in him the qualities that ascended to the podium at the beginning of joint way, remember the

young ardor and impatience, like your partner again as it once was, the way it is now and as it should bedecades later.

25 years of marriage - is a symbol of strong metal, but it is already the nobility.This marriage has earned its award for endurance, for the purity and sincerity in relations with the ability to understand.Therefore, on this day the couple decided to exchange silver rings that are either replaced wedding, or worn with them.Previously, it was decided to invite the priest to re-consecration of the union, and to subsequent years flowed smoothly in harmony and idyll.Today, this important mission can be charged to parents who lived happily married and become a good example of the middle of the spouses.

If dip deep into the past, then we will know that for 25 years of wedding had taken to carry out the ritual washing.This ritual allowed to wash away all the troubles and hardships of previous years, and sanctify the subsequent years of marriage couples.According to the ritual, the couple have to wake up early in the morning to take the silver jug ​​or bowl one by one handle, the other - for the other and go to the pond to wash each other, cleansed.First cup of watered husband.Wife pours a time, washing away with him all the grievances and hardships of past years, the second time washing away the real grief and sorrow, the third time, heralding a clean and tranquil life together without worries and disagreements.After this the same man does.Leaving a few drops of water bowl, a pair of back home, together carrying vessel, and leaves him on the doorstep to all the remaining droplets evaporate.With them gone, and all the negative events.

And in modern conditions for 25 years of wedding ritual can bring this to life, get rid of all difficulties and instructing himself on the path of righteousness.

Returning to the present, we should not forget that this is not good to celebrate the holiday alone, so invite the most friends and relatives is a must.However, it is desirable that the festival had over 25 people.Whatever it was, but the magical power of numbers has not been canceled.

organizing the festival in honor of 25 years of marriage, it is better not to scrimp and invite everyone in the restaurant.This will place all the comfort and allow heroes of the occasion on a day to avoid such routine things as cleaning and cooking.After 25 years of marriage I want to relax and enjoy each other's company, to have time to look back and look ahead.Let the professionals do the job, and a loving wife enjoy each other's company.

Silver wedding - it's a great milestone passed, but for a married couple because it went unnoticed that the oath of allegiance and love, this wedding day, still in memory.And on this day we can again announce it publicly.