Funny toasts at weddings

dreamed of turning his triumph in the wonderful extravaganza full of surprises and unusual events?Then listen to a couple of tips ...

Wedding - a very moving and solemn day in the life of a loving couple.However, it is not necessary to turn into too sentimental celebration of the event, because it is a holiday, and you need to have fun at the party.Nothing is more uplifting newlyweds as funny toast at a wedding.These greetings will be remembered for a long time the young, as are the most original and unusual!Below you can read the funny toast at a wedding, and if necessary, use them for the congratulations.

Probably each of us noticed that jokes about happy marriages are not much.However, one was found.Once a man asked him how to live with his beloved wife.He replied as follows: For twenty-five years they lived happily crazy, he and she.And then ... they met, and everything in life was different!

toasts at the wedding of the witness should be the most memorable, because the witness is the secon

d most important person after the newlyweds at the wedding ceremony.On it depends a lot: the mood of the guests and the general course of the wedding, and active participation in competition.

very impressive and will always remain memorable toast at a wedding in your own words.If you wish, you can recall any interesting facts about the groom, who also can make toast, laugh together over the past.Here's another wonderful toast in prose, which can say a witness.This toast is not necessary to memorize, just read it once and paraphrase, but always from the heart.

«We are all incredibly sad state the sad fact of forced separation from our beloved friend.However, we, his friends, know what caused the disappearance of fellow: he stole incredibly beautiful angel of light, and now return it to us for a day so that we could see their happiness.Very rare people fall such a unique opportunity to meet with this angel in my life.And we, friends, very lucky.And the angel in front of us: a beautiful bride that our other loyal assistant, counselor, ticket to endless paradise of family happiness.That is why we will not regret the fact that we have lost a friend, we give it as the most beautiful and virtuous creature on earth.It will cover the beam path of his love, cherish, cherish.And I think that a clear ray of hope and happiness angel shed on us.Now we sincerely hope that our friend is not lost, and infinitely happy!Come on, friends, raise our glasses to the health and happiness of an angel, a beautiful bride! »

Such warm, quivering words will not leave indifferent not groom or bride!Here are a few interesting toast, filled with meaning, philosophy and, of course, humor.

"One day, the sage asked what is good, true, strong relationship between husband and wife? The answer was: when the wife does not see what the husband, and the husband does not hear what his wife says. What follows is a proposal to raise a toast to good relationsbetween husband and wife! "

Next congratulation little too philosophical, it makes you think and conclude.It goes something like this."Everyone knows that the word" marriage "has two meanings. The first - the marital relationship, the second - tarnished product. Unfortunately, very often the case that the second term invades the meaning of the first. However, without a doubt, marriage is not a marriage,if its foundation is love. wishes to the newlyweds is to preserve and possibly a strong base and a marriage without marriage! "

Do not try to memorize or another toast, do not be afraid to speak their heart.Try to put them all in awe and warm attitude towards the young, because they have only the beginning!

Funny toast at a wedding that will be a highlight at the ceremony, which will create an atmosphere of fun, unite guests will remember for a long time.Every funny toast is a philosophical idea, it is also necessary to take into account.So just congratulate the young, telling funny toasts to the wedding!Be original, unique, fun!Have fun at the party, so that even Toastmasters was not bored in your company!