'Adidas Porsche Design': sneakers to cars and not only

Russia has a lot of fans 'Adidas Porsche Design'.Running this series on the market in a fairly large range and are primarily intended for those who are associated with car racing, he drives or wishes to create the image, similar to the image of the great athletes.The company introduced the model in this collection, is characterized not only great design, but also a high level of functionality.

Series P5000

Which articles should pay attention to the range of "Adidas Porsche Design"?Sneakers P5000 produced specifically for males and positioned it as an accessory for driving the car.They are made of suede, have a perforated "breathable" tab, comfortable lacing and thin sole.This combination allows for exceptional ease of the product, as well as enjoy the "iron friend" on the road.The model is a low-key colors and has three signature stripes in the form of stamping, decorated with bright stitching and perforations.Shoes designed for long-term wear, which contributes to the quality of material, sewin

g, as well as additional details in the form of a metal edging holes for laces.

you will find for summer collection "Adidas Porsche Design"?Sneakers for this time of year are offered in white (model "Drive Athletic 2").They are made in a racing-style soft leather (aniline), and have a thin rubber sole, promotes better leg contact with the pedals.Also products have ventilation inserts and mesh lining.These shoes will go well with both jeans and with trousers or shorts.

Nosim winter

Is there a model for the Russian winter among the samples submitted 'Adidas Porsche Design'?Trainers of the plan are available in the series "Snow Easy Screw".They are interested in their bold designs, where muted tones "top" of a combination of different types of skin in brown tones combined with bright multi-layer soles (red-white or blue-white).It belongs to the brand is also embossed points.Durability is enhanced by the firmware.

what to cook for the athletes 'Adidas Porsche Design'?Running the model of "Ran bounce C2" aggressive gray-green design and drawings by the mesh-like web of many representatives of the stronger sex.This shoe has a sole with an unprecedented futuristic super soft cushioning that provides a comfortable run.In the lower part of the spring in place and riveting, which, in the opinion of some members, provide quality repulsion.The model is so technically difficult that sometimes it is necessary to lubricate the mechanisms available silicon resources, t. To. Not all Russian athletes have little weight.

Shoes are not for the poor

Trainers 'Adidas Porsche Design', a photo of which are presented on the page belong to the upper price category.Their cost ranges from 7-12 thousand.Between sales on the company's website, you can get discounts from 20 to 50 percent.They find such a price justified in view of the high quality products, but with the purchase of winter options you need to consider the climatic norm in their region, t. To. The shoes are not always able to withstand frost sorokogradusnuyu.