That is trash culture

not yet know what the trash.Today this little word has several meanings and is represented in many areas of life: fashion, art, literature, music, street graphics film.

What is trash?In a literal translation - "garbage" (Eng.) But the simple translation is not enough to us.This word lately priobelo a whole new meaning.It is consonant with, of course, to some extent with its main definition.In the most general sense of trash - that is what is generally accepted to spite violates customary framework.All made in this style, made in haste, without all respect to the plan, subject material.

Philosophy and Culture

To understand what a trash as a cultural phenomenon, it is necessary to recall America.Word "trash" it began to be called "white dregs of society" who do not take traditional values ​​and norms, and do the opposite.There was a tendency in the youth subculture has evolved, the basic principles of which were based on maximalist perception of the world and the psychology of adolescence.What ca

n you expect from a culture that has emerged among the children who are not able to recognize the shades of life and share the world only in black and white?The main principle of this philosophy was "the more radical the better."Do everything exactly the opposite.Antifashion.Anticulture.Antiotnosheniya.That is to say, the mass revolt against the "mass" culture.

phenomenon trash

He is active interaction with glamor, with whom he had much in common: marginality, exclusivity, aggression, awkwardness.If you look at the model and manifestations of such subcultures as trash (photo), it can be easily seen.


There is the concept of "trash" rock.It is called "treshkor" or "fastcore."He appeared in the '80s, in the United States.It is something very similar to the hardcore, only faster variations thereof.Songs are usually short, filled with punching and percussion riffs.Line vocals often dissonant with the instrumental texture.But this manner of execution is not antimuzykalna.Lyrics social, attempts to contain criticism of social phenomena and social injustice.


What trash into fashion?If you simplify to the maximum, the "fashion trash" - a horrible color, causing the model, a combination of incongruous.That is a complete disregard for decency, public opinion and calls philistine taste.And yet - it is widespread piercings and tattoos, countless accessories, acidic hair color dreadlocks, false eyelashes, etc.Here the brightness and originality are important, one might even say, brutality, and still unpredictable and energy.Trash models do not appear on the catwalks.They exist in spite of them, as opposed to fashion.If fashion dictates that the more relevant now tight pants, the trash "sews" the widest bottoms.This style - the desire to stand out from the crowd as much as possible outside the box and outside the box.The main thing - do not have the right to, and be able to be creative.


This style found expression in film.Three of the best films of the given direction (for online version): "Innocence of Muslims", "Domesday Book" and "Remains".