Sneakers for spring - the selection rules

Almost all the girls, and recently joined by more and more men are inherent in the same "spring impulses": prihoroshitsya and dress up.This spring our stores offer a huge number of bright, stylish, fresh collections.And all this eagerly bought up, because nothing is more inspiring to update the wardrobe as the long-awaited arrival of the heat.And, of course, we throw in the spring to drop extra weight and get rid of cellulite, because all the new things must sit perfectly.

why it is so great that the creators of fashion brands for several seasons delight us with the opportunity to be at the peak of fashion while maintaining excellent physical shape - on the catwalks of the world "legalized" sporty.And even if not all of the image is designed in such a spirit, the sporty note of welcome.Typically, this look is complemented by sneakers.

This spring almost any material relevant shoes - leather, patent leather, suede, mesh, nubuck.And everyone will find something to his taste - from the low-key pastel

colors to unusual combinations of colors and effects.The new collection is dominated by non-standard solutions - shoes with unusual prints, contrasting piping, bright tongues and even glow in the dark shoelaces.Do not forget about the "metallic", which for a long time does not lose relevance.

this spring sports shoes of different models and color options is not only the well-known manufacturers of sports equipment, but also the designers and mass market brands.When choosing shoes, it is easy to get lost in this abundance.But, despite the exit of sneakers sports grounds abroad, the most important quality is their convenience.So how to choose the right shoes?

There are a few simple rules of professionals.

First, go shopping in the evening, when the leg is slightly swells and increases in size.At this time of the day you can pick up a really comfortable pair.

Second, trying on shoes, make sure pereshnurovyvayte their own way.From lacing method depends largely on the comfort of the foot when walking and at rest.

Third, be sure to choose a pair, which is a small margin of space in width and length - if that is not, to wear shoes can be uncomfortable.

Fourth, test the bend line.Remove the shoes from his feet, Abut sock in hand or on the floor and bend.If quality and comfortable shoes, the crease line will be located anatomically like a foot.If the shoe bends in a different place, or in a pair of running shoes are bent differently, they will provoke the development of flatfoot.

first two months of spring will be faced with a heavy ground to those for whom morning jog in the park or training is required.Therefore, preference should be given sneakers SUV with a large embossed tread - with the sole you do not interfere with the soft spring soil, snow porridge and ice pellets underfoot.Typically, off-road running shoes durable top - top sneakers usual spring moisture very quickly destroys.Various companies offer certain models of off-road running shoes.This division is due to the specifics of loads at various sports.

In most cases, the soil in the spring for everyday walking alone or training can not be choosers, so the choice of sneakers for spring should be taken seriously.Only in this case, you will be pleased with proper running shoes comfort and long life.