New on the market of beauty: the cream "Lyubava" hand

With the onset of cold weather in the majority of women have problems with the skin: various redness, peeling, dryness, irritation.And frost and icy wind is suffering not only the face, but also my hands.Therefore, in the fall need to review its program of facial and body moisturizer to replace nutritious creams.On one of the methods of caring for the skin referred to in this article.This cream "Lyubava."It produces its Russian company "Your economy."Initially, the product was recommended for use on livestock farms to lubricate the udder of cows and goats before milking.Cream heals cracks saves from chapping, relieves itching from insect bites.This new product has already appreciated by our women, who use it for cosmetic purposes.Responses about it as there is in this article.

composition of the product and its effect

In order to evaluate how well the cream "Lyubava" skin care, you need to turn to its composition.It contains four natural oils: palm, soy, almond and shea butter.All these compon

ents are perfectly soften and nourish even the roughest skin, such as elbows and heels.

Also, in a cream contains four plant extracts: chamomile, calendula, horse chestnut and beet.These ingredients relieve redness and irritation of the skin, protects against dryness.Another active component of cosmetic products such as cream "Lyubava" - is hydrolysed collagen that regenerates the top layer of the epidermis, has wound-healing and rejuvenating effects.Thus, we can conclude that the basis of the product - is natural components.Chemicals it is almost there.

texture and flavor of cream

Given that the composition of cosmetic products under consideration are four oils, one can assume that it has a very oily and heavy consistency.However, it is not.Very dense, but not oily texture from cosmetic "Lyubava."Cream reviews about which you will find below, quite easily, absorbs quickly.After his application greasy residue on the hands is not felt.He has a delicate, subtle flavor that is felt only when you open the jar.On the skin, it is not felt at all.Therefore, interrupting the smell of perfume, he will not.

of consumers

Comments buyers about the product, mostly positive.Someone uses a softener rough skin heels and elbows, someone applying cream "Lyubava" face, someone gets it into his hands to protect them during the cold weather.In all cases, according to consumers, means "works".It is really beautiful softens and nourishes the skin, heals cracks and scratches on it.Some people even smeared them minor burns.After all tissue regeneration is thus more rapidly.

Thus, we examined how the cream "Lyubava" skin and concluded that it can be used not only for the animals in private farms, but also to soften and nourish the skin of the face, hands and body.