Brushes for make up: what is suitable for what?

Sometimes cosmetics counters of shops you can find kits in which there are numerous makeup brushes.What what is suitable, you know?Make any girl - this original work of art, which can produce both positive and negative impression on others.To be beautiful, must be used as cosmetics and brushes and sponges professional level.

So, proceed to create the image and take a brush for makeup.What for?Few people know that the formation of an even color tone using funds have a special brush.With its use, as opposed to applying the fingers, the base rests evenly without streaks.Furthermore, this avoids ingress of bacteria from the hands on the face.

What brushes are needed to make up a high level?Of course, brush powder, which have a pile hairs of different length.This allows to distribute the powder evenly over the surface of the skin, creating a superfine structure.Use a sponge to powder permissible in "field" conditions, when you need to touch up makeup with a compact version of cosmetic products.At home

, the same conditions used loose powder and sufficiently thick brush or puff.Special puffs luxury is the presence of the swan's down, which ideally distributes cosmetic.

Suppose you have a flat, fan-shaped brush for makeup.What for?Normally, with such a set of interchangeable tools resemble the surplus of the same powder in the nose and under the eyes, to avoid unpleasant situations in which hit, for example, Nicole Kidman, appearing with white stains on the powder under the eyes.

also sets often included diagonally cut brush for makeup.What for?Typically, this option is used for shaping and coloring eyebrows.Although, if the eyebrows bushy, you can use a small brush.But for blush brush hairs which also unequal length, as a rule, like the brush for powder, but smaller in size.The purse girl who takes care of the perfect makeup, can also be rastushevyvaniya blush brush with hairs of equal length, soft brush to apply eye shadow and eyeliner.

How best to clean makeup brushes?Testimonials report that the eyeliner brush to better washed after each use, sponges and other brush periodically wash the hair with shampoo and dried up.At acquisition, if available, brushes need povodit palm 10-12 times and see that there is no excessive hair loss, t. To. Such samples do not last for long.It also makes sense to pay attention to well-bent brush in the fluff and do not scratch the skin.This is especially true for tools involved in applying makeup to her eyes, t. To. The skin in this area has high tenderness.