Perfume wax, the basic rules of its application

perfume wax is one of the most effective and popular tools for removing unwanted hair.Even ancient Egyptian beauties this cosmetic product used to get rid of hair on various parts of the body.There are vivid examples and in Russia.So, Princess Olga, using hot wax and resin, remove excess hair.

Today wax is an improved means of cosmetics, which is the use of special additives help to get rid of even the hard and thick hair on the body, including the bikini area and underarms.

perfume wax has a significant advantage over their peers.Through the use of simple it can be used even at home.Another important factor is its reasonable price and safety.If you use perfume wax every three weeks, the woman will be able to notice that the hair will gradually weaken and become much thinner.

At home, used two varieties of cosmetic products: hot (hard) or warm (soft) wax.

perfume wax used in hot form, contains in its structure and petroleum resin.For a pleasant aroma added lemon oil.It is thanks to this combina

tion the resulting mass not stick to the skin and does not spread.Hair removal by such means are not as painful.Due to the heating of the skin pores open, and the hairs are removed much more easily.This pain is not felt.It is believed that this is the best wax, which is a great venue for hair removal in sensitive areas (bikini and armpits).

soft wax resin contains some emollients.This type of means for use in the home is produced in the form of cassettes or roller banks.Hair removal procedure itself is very simple: according to the instructions, the wax must be heated in a special heater, and only then put on the direction of growth of hair on the skin.Top lubricated space covered by special strips with which after hardening mass removed hairs against their growth.The wax residues on the skin quite easily eliminated by applying any cosmetic oils that can both soothe and moisturize the skin.

Often, manufacturers perfume wax mixed with various additives, provided essential oils of vanilla, chocolate and jasmine.

important to remember that the achievement of a positive result from hair removal can be achieved only under the condition that the length of the hair about one centimeter.The skin prior to the procedure must be well washed and wiped dry with a towel.For the final degreasing the skin can be a little powder without talc powder.

wax should be heated to the consistency of honey, the temperature should be around 40 degrees.The resulting mass must be applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth.Top squeeze the strip of paper or cloth that are included.Within minutes you can sharply pull the strip against the hair growth.It is necessary to hold the skin with the other hand.In the future, this procedure should be carried out after two or three weeks.