Makeup for brown eyes "Smokey Eyes": color palette and stages of development

Makeup produced by the technique of "Smokey Eyes" is popular among women for nearly a century.The only difference that exists today - a variety of options for establishing such a make-up.Which one to choose for a particular occasion?Consider one of them - the make-up for brown eyes "Smokey Eyes".

creating makeup

The origins of "Smokey Eyes" takes in the 20 years of the twentieth century, when women were not afraid to create vivid images that concerned and clothing, and wear make-up, and even behavior.They set off their views in black and gray shades, thus creating expressive contrast, whites of his eyes seemed very bright on a dark background.Today, women prefer to use more natural colors, oriented not only black, but also in other combinations of colors that are most in tune with their tsvetotip.

So, how to do make-up brown eyes named "Smokey Eyes"?To create a mysterious smoky make-apa need to have on hand three-color shade (no matter they are creamy or conventional), soft pencil, brush, con

cealer, powder, concealer, mascara and lipstick pale colors (or lip gloss).

Like any makeup for brown eyes Smokey ice means the first stage of the creation of training faces.For this purpose, foundation, powder, concealer.Lids also need to prepare for this can be used, for example, the basis for the shadows, or any other suitable means.

now drawn the eye contour.Pencil held the thick lines on the upper and lower eyelid, taking into account the location and shape of the eye.The upper line must be somewhat thicker than the bottom.Women with big eyes you can even bring along the inner edge of the lower eyelid.

should now proceed to the main point - to create a smoky look.Pencil shaded line on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow applied the lightest shade.The darkest of the colors applied close to the lash line, the middle - between him and the light.All transitions from color to color carefully shaded.At the outer corner of the eye dark shadows should continue the line of the eye, visually lifting it to his temple and creating an almond shape.

It should be noted that the arrangement of colors may not be horizontal (bottom to top) and vertical (from the outer corner to the inside).That is, if an inner part of the century is a lighter shade, followed by the average color, and then the darkest, it again must continue the line of the eye.

Now the final steps - applying mascara, blush and lipstick.Makeup for brown eyes "Smokey Eyes" is ready.

color palette "Smokey Eyes"

brown-eyed women have a bright appearance, soft smoky look, they can give experimenting with purple, blue, violet, cornflower-blue and olive shades.As mentioned above, the makeup for brown eyes "Smokey Eyes" can not do without the use of a pencil.If you create an evening make-up, it is best to use eye black.For daytime version is recommended to use a pencil, combined with the color of the shadow, but it should not be much brighter.Recommended colors - gray, blue, brown.

Additional information

Eye Makeup "Smokey Eyes", a photo which you can see in the article recommended brown-eyed women, as it underlines the depth of the color of their eyes, creating an unusual, mysterious way.With regards to the choice of colors, if you wish, you can use more colors, but only if you have the skills to provide such a make-up.Thus it is possible to use not only the above embodiments (cyan, magenta, etc.), but also at home in front of the mirror experiment.Often, after that there is the best and most favorite option of creating make-up.The main thing - do not be afraid, everything will turn out.