Makeup removal What is this procedure?

Many know the word "make-up remover."With this concept in itself includes, but is not known to everyone.Makeup removal is a procedure reverse makeup.It can be very sorry to destroy at the end of the day the results of their cosmetic art.However, the make-up before going to bed should be removed without fail.Unfortunately, not all women carry out this simple but important procedure.It happens that after a day they simply did not have enough strength.However, this should not be a habit.The person should be released from cosmetics, as well as deposited on it during the day contaminants which poison the skin.

Makeup removal - that this action means for any woman?This procedure is a step to the beauty and health of the skin, and is necessary for its purity.Modern tools make-up remover helps to ensure a true pleasure when removing makeup.They have a cleansing effect in parallel with the care of the skin.The formula of these funds developers include anti-acne, anti-aging or other active components.In this re

gard, cosmetics make-up remover is selected individually, taking into account the skin problems of the face.

classic option for removing make-up is milk.They are recommended to clean a normal, dry, mixed and mature skin.To provide simultaneous tonic effect for a special make-up remover recommended water.It gives a person the freshness.When combined and fatty integuments should use gel.If you have a different problem areas on the face, dermatologists advise to use mousse or foam.These tools produce a slightly drying effect.

Face Makeup removal can be carried out and dermatological soap.It will provide extra moisturizing dry skin and oily - Clean and healthier thanks to the action of antibacterial components.

It should be borne in mind that when you use any of these funds should not be erased from the face of cosmetics cotton.For this procedure the most suitable paper napkins.You can also use cotton pad.They can not be melted with a cosmetic product and not leave small fibers on the face.

Makeup removal - what is the procedure?This removal of cosmetics, which should be carried out only on the massage lines.At the same time on the skin should not exert any pressure.

The first step required to hold make-up remover - that kind of action?It all starts with the cleansing of hands.Of course, they are not applied to cosmetics.However, it is a lot of dirt on hands and sweat and fat, which is beneficial environment for pathogenic organisms, including fungal infections.A light touch can move the bacteria on the skin of the face.The consequences are often very unpleasant.That is why demakijazh begins with a thorough hand washing, which are then dry it thoroughly.

The next step is removed from the lip cosmetics.In this procedure, used cloth coated with a means to make-up remover.

After cleaning lips pass to the eyelashes.They should be cleaned with extreme care to avoid contact with eyes, particles of mascara.

The next step erases a cloth soaked in beauty products for removing makeup, eye shadow and eyeliner.Movement in this should be easy.Do not put pressure on the eyeball and stretch the skin.

Only when all the preceding steps, you can go to the make-up remover skin.From cosmetics to be cleaned every curve, every crease and wrinkle, adhering to the direction of massage lines.

final step is washing up remover.After it is necessary to wipe the face tonic and grease moisturizing or nourishing cream.