What do you call a horse?

horses - one of the most beautiful creatures.Their strength and grace are the motives for the beautiful legends, family movies, and more.Any breeders know that the animal must be a resounding name, reflecting his character.This is especially important for racehorses.The question of what to call the horse, the owner of any horse hurts, because it should remember, and maybe write down the name on the pages of history.For example, the famous Swedish model Margaretta Lei and her husband Wolfgang somehow put on horse races called Escada.She came to the finish line first.Later this name became the name of a huge fashion empire, organized Margaretta and her husband.

Selection Criteria

in the XVIII century nickname for the horse was something optional.Thoroughbred mare was bright and a short name.Typically, it was associated with her relatives - breeding stallions and mares, has won fame of good horses.One of the criteria in order to call a horse, was the addition of the first letters of the names of her pa

rents.So, if a stallion called Bars and mare - Adele, their offspring may be called Akbar, or Amber.Aesthetics has become a leading factor in the choice of name.Thus, the animal referred to by its color, color characteristics, addition.

If the horse is bay, it may be called Burke, black horse they call Raven and ginger animal - lights.Another factor - the "combat".Since ancient times tried to call the horse so that it is clear what it can do.The proud name can only contribute to this.For example, options or Fighter Strong showed uncommon strength of horse, causing fear in opponents.In Russia, nicknames do not necessarily have had to be nouns.So, the options were distributed brave, powerful, bright.

How to choose the name of the mare

name given to horses for the day, and for many years, so it should be memorable and to please not only the owners, but to all others.What do you call a horse (the girl), so as not to regret about the chosen name?Name can choose how funny and sweet and serious, proud.For example, gentle and very girly version of Asterisk will be enjoyed by young and feminine mistress.Klitschko, due to the nature of the horse can be very handy.Gluttonous mare suitable name Gourmand, sports and active - Bestia, and graceful and restrained - Anfisa.According to the color of the white horse would have to fit the name Snowball, for dark - Nochka and for bay - Storm.Graceful names are taken from the classic novels, and also borrowed from historical figures: Justine, Jane, Elizabeth, Margot, Megan, Adelaide, Juliet, Charlotte, Desdemona.

best nicknames for horse

What do you call a horse-boy - a difficult question.To select nickname remains the same criteria, except that it should be rather formidable and courageous.Unruly and daring stallion perfect name or Thunder Storm.Often called the tradition of the horse as a comic book character - the Joker, Cyclops, Phoenix, Beast.Heroes of the famous series of books, and also will not go unnoticed in this task.Names give the Musketeers an excellent base for the horses' names: bold Athos, Aramis, charming, close-Porthos become true friends of man.Famous writers and musicians, too, should not go unnoticed when the question arises of how to name the horse.Wayward and unusual Amadeus, agile and quick Chopin, Arthur unattainable or cheerful Ricci - the choice is yours.

Horses from the world of cinema

Do not forget about the animals who starred in the movie.For example, it is possible to name a horse after the famous movie "Favorite" where, thanks to his perseverance and training homely horse has achieved the title of the best in the Great Depression, when many seek his fortune on the racetrack.Another good example to select the name of the animal is the movie "War Horse," where the horse Joey is given to the war, and his young host goes in search of a true companion.Such an example of friendship and peace certainly provide pleasant emotions and the owner of the horse, and others.

Circus animals are also worthy of attention.For example, a beautiful name for a horse can be selected on the basis of the brightest names of famous tsirkachek as Imelda and Lucia.

«Musical 'names

can solve the problem of how to name the horse, using musical terms.For example, it sounds nice nickname Octave or note.The mare named Melody is sure to bring breeders first prize.A horse named Arpeggio remind the owner and music, and the beautiful Italy.Option Bekar suitable for a horse with a strong character.

So, you can pick the perfect horse name that will not only be combined with its color and character, but also contribute to the victory in all competitions.Fighting spirit and courage is easy to express in a simple and uncomplicated nickname.It is worth a little effort for meditation, and you will feel, what option is right for your horse.