Bright Makeup: create a harmonious image

bright beautiful makeup now divides his superiority with pale pastel colors.However, succulent shades must not go counter to the taste.Saturated paint is easy to transform the appearance, but they just can disfigure the face of incongruous colors.

selection of cosmetics for the face should not run counter to the colors of clothing, hair and eyes.So how do you properly apply makeup?Bright image requires careful preparation.In the first place by means of special tools necessary to clean the face.Thereafter applied cream or lotion, which must necessarily be absorbed into the skin.

In that case, when you need to apply makeup brighter for a party, made a special application framework that does not give erased clear lines and blend different shades.This tool aligns the skin relief, narrow the pores, it will mask minor imperfections and give the person the light shine.After the base layer should be applied tonal basis (for evening make-up) or powder (for the day).

The next step is the creation of a uniqu

e image of an adjustment of the face.This procedure is a visual reduction and some increase in other areas.It is produced with the help of light and dark correctors.

The next step is applying makeup eyebrow correction.It is performed by a wax pencil.The subsequent steps for creating the image of the most interesting.Running eye makeup.This step is the most important.From its success depends on the final result.Once applied rouge on the cheeks and lips are corrected using a pencil, lipstick or gloss.

Makeup bright summer involves the use of cosmetics bright saturated colors.It could be shades of turquoise, blue, blue, pink or yellow.Ideas of this make-up dictates the nature.To create, for example, is worth a close look at some exotic flower, which combines a variety of rich shades.

bright makeup for the evening is typical not only rich tones of shadows.It implies the use of a lipstick.It should be bright red or a similar tone shades.The apparent freedom requires the prior evening makeup careful thought, as the special attention always focuses on the lips and eyes.They create a certain image.
bright eye makeup, a photo which you can see below, is applied depending on the color of the pupils.

And here it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.More than hazel eyes are bright when emphasizing their maroon or purple color.In this case, it can be used and pink colors.However, to make up a bright reception is possible only when a sufficient amount of dark shades.

expressive green eyes emphasized purple or red shades.This creates a contrast with the iris, which drew the attention of the interlocutors.Also welcome shade of dark brown and light green colors.Lipstick can thus have a rich pink tone.On the lips can be applied and a dark brown cosmetic.

Bright makeup for blue eyes involves the use of the blue, lilac or purple.These tones will create a beautiful and memorable image.It should be remembered that the lighter shades of eye requiring more than dark shadows and vice versa.